Taylor Bennett Comes Out Without His Brother’s Help

i guess all the rapper wolves brother’s are coming out…
i love chance the rapper‘s album,
“coloring book”.
from start to finish,
that is an album i can listen to straight through.
well who knew his brother,
taylor bennett,
could also spit?
who knew taylor bennett was also bisexual?
well he came out today via the f-bi and vix-bi

…and i’ll allow it.
he is cute.
i like his nose.
i’d date.
he has an album coming out next week.
it’s called “broad shoulders”.
ya know…
swizz beatz brother was obvious.
i wasn’t shocked like everyone else.
i’m a little shocked with taylor tho.
now let’s hope he doesn’t run to some snow creature for acceptance.
you’re up taylor.
you’ve got my interest.
don’t fuck it up.

lowkey: he is 20.
i’ll let the younger foxhole deal with him.
i’d break him in half.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Taylor Bennett Comes Out Without His Brother’s Help

  1. Could it be that despite wanting to remain discreet, after the leak he just said “fuck it”? And embraced the opportunity…

  2. SO he pretty much came out on his album thru his lyrics?
    Chance posted a video and tweeted his love and support for his little brother.
    Awesome, I love when people have the unconditional love and support of their family.
    Today is Taylor’s 21st Birthday.

  3. Off topic but is it only me that cringes when dudes send dick pics with semen all over the dick? I just find that so gross lol. It’s like damn, just send the picture with the erect penis and that is ALL! I don’t wanna see all that mess all over it! Most guys can’t make that look sexy unless they have the perfect D and that is unlikely because penises are so diverse looking.

    Haha rant over

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