George Hill: Dancing In The Dark?

remember when george hill was “that attentionisto”?
remember he was the one everyone wanted to fuck?
well i saw the latest on my tumblr feed and…

it’s safe to say george hill has become side show bob.

why is he looking like a crackhead who entertains folks on the corner?
who pops and locks these days?

george needs to stop ^that immediately,
cut that mop off his head,
take a bath,
go to bed,
and go get employed.
all this time i thought he retired out the attentionisto game,
but now it’s looking like he is trying to hold onto the little piece of relevance he has.
he use to be real sexy

…but those days are long gone.
this is what happens to attentionistos that don’t evolve and grow up.

lowkey: i thought he was trying to mumble rap or something?
is he strippin’ now?
i need an update.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “George Hill: Dancing In The Dark?”

  1. Smh… What done happened?!?! I used to lust after him something crazy!! Used to think he was so sexy. That video of him “dancing”…. Struggle much? Like, just go on and sat down G. Whose really checking for him at this point? Who are these new videos and pictures for?

      1. U know what’s crazy… He reminds me a lot of Lamont Johnson (@lmg_bangbang). But Lamont is a newer, hotter, version of George. George needs to chill… Like u said… Cut off that hair and become sexy 2018 Zaddy… Him and Lamont need to do a shoot together.

  2. Whew you peg this one right. The older I get I seen how even my shallow ass has grown, I used to think him and many other attentionista’s that have been featured on the foxhole were everything because they were attractive with nice bodies. As time has gone by, I realize that 99 percent of them are lame AF and are as boring as watching paint dry when you hear them talk and hear their view on life. Nearly everyone of them are mostly in the same place they were 5 years ago when they were HOT, still struggling to be rappers, actors, singers and supermodels. They have had to scheme the gullible out of their coins on Connectpal and Only Fans to pay the bills and now thanks to so many new boys really letting it all hang out and doing all kind of freaky things, their income has dried up since they only wanted to tease their fans. I never hear about George, Steven B., Flashman Wade, Heat etc who all had Connectpals charging outrageous monthly amounts without showing anything now. They are like old men now in the attentionista game. Eventually I guess all attentionista’s end up back in their home towns working at Home Depot or UPS, marrying and getting fat never to be heard from again. George ship has long sailed with his failed music career, it is going to take doing full on porn for most of the attentionista’s to stretch out their five minutes of fame any longer. I know I am slipping, I really dont even know who the new Hot Boys are anymore. Social media has desensitized us to the point pretty boy overload, it is so many boys with pretty faces and bodies now, they are literally a dime a dozen so you are gonna have to come more than a nice body and pretty face, to get noticed.

    1. ^george would have to cut his hair,
      stop dancing,
      and go do something productive with his life.
      that video is cringe.
      this should teach some of these homophobic attentionistos something tho.
      fame doesn’t last forever.
      it’s a drug that runs out and then they become crackheads looking for any kind of hit they can get.
      it’s pretty sad that they forget they have to age and with age comes wisdom for their audience.
      not everyone can be “the beyonce of attentionistos” because:

      a) have to have some kind of talent
      b) always need to be re-inventing
      c) being nice
      d) being better as the years go on
      e ) networking with everyone and keeping their names out there

      george went from regular,
      to online model,
      to community college pre baller wolf,
      to d list rapper,
      to now dancing on the gram?
      i bet that vixen he was dating is on her way to being a nurse tho.

  3. I think what happened is that the attentionisto game has become saturated. Back then G Hill was one of the few really popping as onr but now every light skin dude can get a only fans account and so G hill just looks like a guy I can find on my tumblr feed if i search “light skin guys”.

    1. ^he did a lot but like all these random singers trying to “make it”,
      nothing is sticking and they don’t stand out.
      there are a new crop of young attentionistos who will sell their souls faster for fame.
      pierre can attest to this lol

      1. Too many of these guys are teases. Once they reveal the goods, people lose interest. What else is there to offer? Many don’t have what it takes to weather the loss of interest because they don’t really have a game plan.

        If all you have to offer is your body, you better get VERY creative in marketing yourself so that interest never wanes.

  4. Hmm maybe he was just having fun/some downtime? I doubt he’s putting that up as content for people to pay to see…

  5. U wrong (clever) ASF for that gif 😂 no but seriously Georgie still holds a special place in my heart, he’s that ole crush u stoped checkin for long ago, but every now & then he makes u remember why you crushed! Ain’t even gon lie….the side booty, slow grind, and dick bounce made me tingle a lil 👅🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Let this be a lesson people: Have a plan B. There’s nothing wrong with being an attractive social media star with a great body and nice clothes, but sooner on later, no one cares and you’re left dancing in a hallway for coins. Get a skill. Sweep floors. You already out here sucking dick; you might as well get paid for it.

  7. So many light skin attentionistos moving around they all look the same..70s fades, overexaggerated tattoos, Bob the Builder muscles, questionable booty holes…

    This is like watching the second Fantastic Four movie..

    It’s like watching Soul Train with no tracks…

    I often wonder about men like him. Like they build up this image and then a lil later they are basically just an Aftershock. They move but no one feels them hardly anymore.

    But ya know what…I still wish him well. I hope that wherever his dance moves slide him to, I hope it’s in peace with himself.

  8. Seeing this makes me wonder where a lot of the attentionistos that were on top (pun intended) at one point, are doing with themselves now.

  9. There is somebody for every body, so I will be the only one. I found his moves endearing! Corny as Hades and something that would make me laughing long into the future. There is something vul·ner·a·ble about him in that clip. I like it.

  10. Yikes! Aggressive much? The guy changed his hair, he recorded himself dancing once. Just because he doesn’t conform to your static, two-dimensional ideal you decide it’s time for him to “cut that mop off his head,
    take a bath,
    go to bed,
    and go get employed.” This stuff is toxic, and the pile on is just as bad. I also hope he has left this game, for his own sanity.

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