The Foxhole Is Officially Relocating to Wakanda

i cried when the damn theater turned black.
tears were legit rolling down my cheeks.
it took me a while,
but i was finally able to take a trip to wakanda.
“black panther” was my friday night.
i was an emotional mess within this movie.
we are too far ahead in my movie review.
let’s scale it back some…

so the movie was at 7pm and i made sure my ass was on time.
i didn’t need any issues.
it would take me close to 15 minutes to get to lincoln center,
but i don’t trust the mta and their questionable service.
at all.
when i got there,
i had a lot of time to spare.
it felt good to be early.
after last week’s debacle
i bought a juice from outside and got a small popcorn inside.
sidebar: can you believe i devoured that during the trailers?
i didn’t eat today because i wanted no stomach issues.

speaking of trailers,
let’s font about that for a second.


geez louise!
i felt like they would never end.

i pre-reserved a nice seat in the middle of the theater.
i was dead center for my imax experience.
it was packed,
but the way that imax theater is set up,
it was roomy and the leather seats were comfortable.

the movie was amazing.
it was breathtaking on the imax screen.
all of the actors/actresses did such an amazing job,
especially chadwick boseman.
he brings it as t’challa and made me feel every emotion.
his bawdy>>>>>>
i don’t even have a favorite character because i loved everyone.
i will say i loved danai’s character.
her fight scenes were AWESOME!
i didn’t know lupita got down like that either.
she held her own on the fighting tip.
winston duke‘s “m’baku” sarcasm is all me.
(when he barked!!!!!!!)
see i don’t have a fav!
i can’t choose!
even michael b jordan as the villain was excellent.
“hi auntie…”
he mos def told all the naysayers about his “acting”. his bawdy was also an excellent co-star too.
i didn’t know he was stacked like that.
another sidebar: i really wish angela played storm when they offered her the role.
the whole cast stepped up and brought their “a” games for this movie.
i wonder if daniel’s character was banished for what he did?
the only thing i didn’t like was my audience.
it was mostly “colonizers” and they didn’t do too much cheering.
that low-key made me upset.
they laughed and clapped at certain scenes,
but i felt it would have been different with a majority “us” audience.
quick question for the foxhole…

Why did M’Baku fight T’Challa in that challenge?
Wasn’t he a king in his own land?

at the end of it,
as i was back stroking in my own tears,
it made me feel so good.
i felt so good seeing my own on that huge screen.
the movie made me live vicariously through these characters.
we were seen as kings and queens.
black vixens were seen as powerful.
it lived up to all my expectations.
if you haven’t seen “black panther”,
i hope you find some time to check it out.
see it in imax too.
it felt like you were actually in wakanda during certain scenes.
best of all,
it will make you feel even more proud to be black.

low-key: i am currently writing this entry to the score.
i’m reliving the movie all over again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “The Foxhole Is Officially Relocating to Wakanda”

  1. So….was it good to the point where you would watch it a second time? I’m going to watch it Sunday and people keep trying to spoil it

  2. M’Baku (unfortunately known in the comics as man-ape or white gorilla) was royalty but lower level royalty he in the comics as well as in the film wanted to take over the throne.

    Difference between this movie version and the comic book is that he becomes one of black Panthers villains in the comic & even gains his own little powers from a rare white ape.

      1. No the tribes are different people they as mentioned all can try for the throne as you saw in the ceremony & killmonger as long as they are wakandan & royalty.

    1. Agreed. I seen it a second time and loved it just the same. See Jamari? I told yo azz you would love it. I’m still on a buzz from it.

  3. So glad you got to see it, it was fantastic.

    P.S. I wished Angela would have taken the role of storm when they offered it to her too 😫, and since Lupita was in this movie she can’t play to either in the future since marvel pretty much owns the x-men characters now, sigh

  4. Jamari I’m moving to Wakanda with you, my bags are already packed lol. In my Oprah’s voice that movie was amaaaaziiing!!! I went just recently, and when I walked into the theater I thought I was in the wrong movie there was nothing but white people at first and I was like damn no offense to anyone. After, those long previews I was glad to see more black people come in, I saw this one thick tall black wolf with African attire come in with a few black people so I was good lol. Overall, I enjoyed everything about the movie. I’m not going to write a review, because it would be so long, but every actor showed up and showed out. The vixens were gorgeous and you already know I have to spend some time on the wolves, more like big bulls. Those wolves bodies looked so damn delicious. You, had every type of muscle body wolves in that movie. Okay, so you’ll might think I’m lying, but when Michael B Jordan took his shirt off, some snow vixens that was siting by me let out an orgasmic sigh no joke lol. I was almost on the floor from laughing at them, and from looking at his body myself. I have been crushing on him for a while now, but the way he played that character, made me even more in lust with his sexy ass. The movie was definitely a tear jerker, even though I didn’t cry, I had a huge smile on my face, hopefully we can continue to make great all black cast movies, that continue to show us in a positive way.

  5. Jamari
    i would have answered your question but someone else did. You may have to go see it for a second time to get the real gist of the story . But the short answer given was right- Tradition but none of them challenged except M’Baku.

    I saw the movie in Jamaica and unlike your colonizer audience, you can imagine how island man reacted. It was like attending a sporting game- Cheers, boisterous laughter, applause, Whistles, …it was their human reaction of them feeling great about themselves because the MOVIE made you feel GREAT about yourself.

    Like you I cannot say enough of this movie. It certainly didn’t START the Black Excellence on Screen movement, it just cemented it. It will be interesting to see how many nominations this movie will get in the 2019 Oscar So White season. Frankly I think they will give it plenty nods BECAUSE of the block buster it is and also because they have No choice. But in the end it will probably get 8 nominations and probably 1 award. Oscar So White will be determined to keep this movie IN ITS PLACE, if you know what I mean.

    WE, the BLACK WE, must do our own awards and celebrate what is OURS. We have to resist this notion that Oscars mean Excellence. Absolutely not. Oscars is the result of the colonizers money on steroid. It is THEIR marker from THEIR perspective of excellence through their eyes. The same way they told us Jesus was WHITE is the same way they are telling us Excellence is in the form of a gold boy called Oscar, which happen to be WHITE.

    WE MUST RESIST this notion. Excellence is not WHITE!. Excellence is not measured through the eyes of Colonizers. Excellence is measured through the soul of a people who is lifted up to greater heights by the actions of other people.

    Black Panther has done just that. for too long we have seen ourselves through the eyes of the colonizers as evil, as dark, as lazy, as gun toters, as drug inhalers, as bad fathers, bad mothers, servants, bar tenders, and I can go on. We were always at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain. There were exceptions yes, but they were not the rule.

    Here comes this movie that has lifted the soul of Black People to heights they have never imagined before. Now they see themselves as Kings, as Queens, as technologically savvy, as fighting warriors, medically advanced than the entire world, and I can go on. That is what makes that experience EXCELLENT. Its a thing Oscar So White will Never Ever understand.

    1. ^i been listening to the score soundtrack since i did a “shazam” on what the ending background music was in the movie.
      as soon as i saw it,
      it was instantly downloaded on my spotify.

  6. This movie reflected the way I view black people. I saw so much beauty, culture and strength. I loved just looking at our people. Lot’s of eye candy, and the women looked amazing as well. So happy I got to see it! 😀

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