The Sheriff Attentionisto That Some Hate To Lust After

everyone meet miguel pimentel.
well the foxhole met him first.
i’m late to the party.
he is the sheriff attentionisto that has everyone talking…

drool much?
well allegedly he is masochistic.
you said it!
he is also dominican.
nuff said.
it seems most latino wolves are.
you know they will fight you over how much of a “male” they are.
they also want to do whatever they want,
while their mate plays “the faithful housewife”.
he just needs to meet the right one.

by right one,
the one that will turn him into a stalker.

stalker-modethat’s another “hispanic” trait once you are the first to drop them.
“you’re mine and no one else” is in their dna.

lowkey: watch out for dating cops tho.
yeah the uniform,
and fuckin in an alley on the police car can make you horny.
they can make your life a living hell once you break up with them tho.
one of my home vixen’s dated a cop.

pictures credited: miguel pimentel

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “The Sheriff Attentionisto That Some Hate To Lust After”

  1. Very handsome and the body is on point….but the attention has definitely gone to his head.
    There were rumors of him being investigated for using steroids, but don’t know how true that is.
    Apparently he made some video stating the type of women he likes….but meanwhile he has a fiance. WTF?!
    He’s good friends with that former attentionisto, Saury. I’ve also heard that our buddy Pedro isn’t too fond of the attention this dude gets. Lol

        1. ^i haven’t even seen what he is up to lately.
          i saw him with his shirt in his jeans looking like he new to dis…
          lost interest.
          plus manuel is the new dominican attentionisto for me.

  2. Go to his IG and look at him and his teeny ass man-bun! LOL
    And that weird ass video he made on the rooftop!

  3. Jamari,

    I have some tea on this fuccboy. He actually had a live-in girlfriend before he became a viral hit. He went out of town to do some photoshoots and club promotions and 2 sexy ass Latinas dragged him for acting thirsty as if he didn’t have a gf. They @ the girlfriend on his Instagram and then they broke up. He can get really nasty after a breakup as you say… There was one post where he talks about how his apartment smells better now that the “trash” has left. Who was the trash other than his life-in girlfriend? A few people dragged him about that and he deleted the post lol.

    He actually is involved in the Maravilla vs Borell beef, as is every Dominican in Washington Heights, so it seems lol. Maravilla and Miguel P share a tattoo artist. There’s a pic of them “hanging out” at the tattoo shop that looks interesting is all I’ll say. Poor Borell has been throwing subs at everyone these days with that ugly ass man bun lol.

    1. ^damn!
      pierre with the 2 point shot!

      and he is a cop too???
      oh hell naw!
      he probably be running these ex info and putting the word out to his cop friends.
      ain’t nothing worse than a fucc hyena after a nasty break up.
      suddenly she is trash?

      she wasn’t trash when he was eating her pussy.


      1. His fiancé is the girl I was talking about. I just called her the girlfriend because I never saw proof that they were about to get married. I mean, who dumps the girl after a little bit of social media attention? I’m not talking about where he’s at now social media wise (with 200K + followers), but the early days when he had like 10K followers lol. She’s not cute to me, but she is in his past now. This is her Instagram: “erika.flexibella”. She owns a bikini company along with everyone else on Instagram lol.

    2. LMAO@”the apartment smells better” comment. That’s cold-blooded. So I guess the fiance is out of the picture now. No wonder he’s posting about the kinda woman he likes. I had a feeling that chick was gonna get kicked to the curb once he “blew up”. Too much ass being thrown at him to pass it up!

      1. Christian I bet he gets so pussy. He seems like has angry dick, I can only imagine when he is on top of these girls his big ass is probably blowing their backs out.

      2. Funny Eric, he seems like he would be a boring fuck to me.
        Someone too into himself, rather than the partner. Lol

      3. I thought he was cool at first but as somebody said before once you start seeing all these guys open their mouths and start speaking everything goes out the window. This guy is so full of himself and he talks like his shit doesn’t stink. Always going in on people and he’s rude to his followers.

        And yeah he did make a video saying how he likes his women short, curvy, they gotta give good head, they gotta have a good sex game, they gotta know how to cook etc. I forgot the rest because the list was pretty long LOL I kid you not I was hollering! It was hilarious. He is too old to be acting this way, You’d think he would know better.

    3. I know of the tattoo artist you speak of..I go to the same artist. Jorge of rotten apple tattoos..he does great work! I must say its a very initiate setting and a lot fine spanish wolves be in and out of that spot. It’s in a basement of a barbershop.

  4. All these Dominicans are “open minded” if you ask me.

    They’re a rarity where I’m from so I can’t tell you how I’d get along with them.

  5. after looking at him i could give no fucks about his personal baggage he’s eye candy…guys like this you just have fun with no relationships just fun…he’s the type you have sex with and then send him home because if not he’ll start calling your house ‘our place’ instead lol

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