#BMJFinale (The Story of A Crazy Woman)

tumblr_inline_n1kw406FcN1rki36eso i just finsihing watching that season finale.
all i have to say is “wow”
am i the only one who thinks mary jane is a crazy person?
like legit “not right in the head and may need a restraining order”?
she makes the absolute WORST decisions.
shit even i needed a drink after watching that episode.
i can’t.
did anyone else watch that madness?

x watch the first part

x watch the second part

lowkey: i love how they slipped in ester hicks into the episode.
i’m actually studying her teachings right now and they really work.
def manifested that job and some happiness because of it.
thanks to my special foxhole friend who introduced me.

Hi I’m Jamari Fox and I’m “Being Mary Jane”

not exactly….
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Being Softcore Porn (The Mary Jane Story)

tumblr_mzsevzL5OJ1rlb6iho1_400ARE YA’LL WATCHING BEING MARY JANE ON BET?!?!?!?!?

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The Haves and The Have Nots of Being Mary Jane

tumblr_m05btxpRba1qzhtgdo1_500so as you know,
last night started off with two much anticipated season openers.
“the haves and the have nots”  and “being mary jane”.
 my television viewing is over booked.
i promised i would give my thoughts so here we goooo….

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Note To Self: Throw Away Used Condoms Before Maid Finds Them.

tumblr_mpd775Zb8D1s6tv1eo1_500i nearly fell asleep,
i was tired as hell,
but i’m glad i didn’t miss it.
i watched being mary jane last night.
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Being Jamari Fox and Watching “Being Mary Jane”

BETshit my movie would be epic.
the cast would be gorgeous black wolves.
*day dreams on my casting couch*
tonight is the comeback episode for the game on bet.
i gotta see what happened after pookie hemmed up jason.
well right after is a movie that i’m actually interested in seeing…

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