Being Jamari Fox and Watching “Being Mary Jane”

BETshit my movie would be epic.
the cast would be gorgeous black wolves.
*day dreams on my casting couch*
tonight is the comeback episode for the game on bet.
i gotta see what happened after pookie hemmed up jason.
well right after is a movie that i’m actually interested in seeing…

Being-Mary-Jane-posterit stars gabby union and it’s called “being mary jane”.

i hope the foxhole is going to tune in tonight.
black folks complain that there is not enough “black movies”,
and then when get have one,
we complain about the fact it isn’t to our standards.
sometimes i wanna:

1267053424_lotionpunchSHUT YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS UP

there isn’t “a madea” anywhere in this,
so that’s good reason enough to tune in.

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