Your Parents May Know You Like Boys

tumblr_inline_ndasa2K2GL1sh5zsy…are ya?
​your parents.

aren’t they scary?
i know for some of us,
the thought of telling them we like men makes you break out in hives.
after watching that episode of “being mary jane” last night,
i did not see that twist coming…

so mark,
mary jane’s best gay friend,
did not want his parents to know that he is gay.
that and playing in the snow.
so what he did?
he used mary jane to be his beard.

tumblr_inline_myecq50Cfu1rieaxhuh huh.
sounds like a familiar tale.
well what he didn’t realize is his mama knew.
first of all,
if they were “so in love”,
why hasn’t he married her?
well that’s dumb because evelyn lozada was engaged for 50-11 years.
sorry ev.
his mother urged him to admit he was gay,
but it was his father that surprised us.
he didn’t know his son was gay,
and he was indeed homophobic,
but he wanted to know his son was in the life.
he said something along the lines of:

“yeah and half the world is homophobic,
and i am also homophobic,
but i’d like to know my son was gay than keeping it a secret from me.”
it was a powerful episode.

i mean lets face it.
our parents know.
i think my mama knew,
but she was better left in the dark.
my father may not have taken it so kindly.
they were high key homophobic.
welp they know now!
watching me get my back blown
on more than a few occasions
must have been a great experience
from heaven.
in watching the episode last night,
i had to wonder if coming out to your parents isn’t as scary as it looks?
or is “staying in” better in keeping the peace until its time for you to bounce?
sometimes its easier to admit once you have left their den.
they can break and tear up all their own shit.
you can go home.
unless you are d/l and married to a vixen,
most of us are single,
and have been single for a very long time.
they know.
that vixen we bring around
yeah they know its just your friend.
your 110% platonic friend.
you can try and fool the world but…

Can you really fool your parents?
Even being masculine or down low?

watch episode: here

7 thoughts on “Your Parents May Know You Like Boys

  1. parents know you can’t hide from a person who watched you come from the womb to adulthood…they know everything about you, facial gestures that you make involuntarily, and etc. i came out to my mom officially right before christmas over the phone in 2012 yet she was like “i already knew baby but it doesn’t change anything so when you coming here to visit”. however when i came out to my siblings the following summer, everyone was acting like it was a shocker smh..i never really hid my sexuality it’s just no one ever asked me if i was gay so..yeah PARENTS KNOW!!!!

  2. My mom played the role of ‘surprised’ when I told her back in October and she took it really hard but she’s come around. I think half of it is that she’s out of work and she’s relied on me financially to help her out every blue moon; cutting me off wasn’t really an option for her. I’m in graduate school and away from both (separated) parents – I’ve kinda been coming into my own.

    My dad? I think he knows but he’s in denial about it. HE always makes comments or reads too deeply into my friendships w/females, hoping to find something. I’ll never volunteer that information to him (not his business) but if he ever flat out asked, I’d probably tell him to get it off of my chest. I don’t feel like I need to lie by omission my entire life, especially if I’m going to eventually enter a relationship.

  3. If nobody else on this entire earth knows, momma knows. Especially black mommas. lol. I agree with the slick comments about “are you gay?” or “do you even like girls?” I mean, but ehh some are more accepting than others. I’m an only child, so I think if I were to tell my mom…she’ll just say “well I still want a grandbaby!” lol. My dad will just say, “I don’t agree with it, but I’ll still love you.” At least that’s what he says. lol

  4. I know for a fact that my parents have known all my life even before I came out to them. They would ask me questions like “well do you like girls?”or “are you gay”.and when I was younger I was always deny it or say “yeah I love girls what are you talking about?” but they knew when I came out to my mom like two years ago she tried To act surprised but she wasn’t fooling nobody.

    I need parents I’m going to suspect something if you’re going to years and years without dating a girl. I used to feel so embarrassed that I was 14 or 15 years of age without a steady girlfriend. But I was never the jock I was always kind of quiet and nerdy so I thought I was fooling my parents. They don’t like the fact that I’m gay but they still love me and accept me and that’s all I can Ask for from them.

  5. Mine definitely suspect because of past situations, but I think we’ve all developed an ignorance we’re quite blissful and happy with lol.

    I don’t think they’d even object if I ended up getting married and having kids.

    You can’t hide it from mom, especially if you’re not bringing women around, but even then mothers know pretty early.

    Usually depends on how close you are with your father and even then men are oblivious or ignorant to it.

  6. I think my mom might have an inkling but she’s too afraid to admit it. She might suspect that I’m at least bi because she has brothers who never married nor had a steady girlfriend but were str8. As far we know. I wouldn’t go through the trouble of hiring a beard and I’m not gonna bother to tell her either. I don’t see the point. She has secrets. She keeps her and her sisters secrets. I suspect it has to do with infidelity on their part but I’ll never get a confirmation and neither will she regarding my sexuality. It’s honestly more about protecting her than it is me. She’s the type that wouldn’t react well to the news.

  7. Parents are so damn observant. I think my parents know. Kids or no kids. Gf or not. They have too many clues. Or they’ll make shady comments. They aint low. It makes me sick though because it’s like you can’t get away from that “feeling” everytime someone asks or makes a comment or assumes.,In a perfect world we could keep it moving, but do you know how many men have kept “the secret” just to keep the peace? Whatever man. This topic just got me all in feelimgs Jamari.

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