The “Aha” Moment About The Curious

tumblr_mjb70lsdwt1s3979jo1_500so i had an “aha” moment laying in the bed last night.
i was thinking heavy about the #beingmaryjane episode.
it was actually about “the curious” we meet as we navigate in our forests…

so you meet this wolf/fox/hybrid and he dings your senses.
he actually drops a quiet hint or two to let you know he is interested.
see the thing with him,
because of his upbringing or just never allowing his true feelings to show,
he stays deep within the closet.
he identifies as “straight” and has it down pact.
he never messed with the same sex before,
but he had an attraction for it.

this is where YOU come in.

-b60f0b91-f356-4dbb-a808-45858d6ffb56step on up.
he sees you and you,
in all your glory,
made his attraction slowly come forth.
you don’t know who is secretly watching you.
trying to figure you out and get your attention out here.
so he starts wanting to be around you.
lookin’ in your eyes.
touching you.
you ask him to do something and he rushes to do it.
he starts to stutter
all smiles when he sees you coming
“the process of the curious”.
see he is use to being bolder with vixens.
i mean that’s easy.
its in our “playbook” to go after them.
we know what to say to get them open.
hell you can fuck and make them cum.
bisexuality is a “thing”,
ya know?

but YOU.
you is who he really wants.
no amount of pussy will stop his dick from getting hard.
he holds you higher than them even if he doesn’t show it.
you have the power and not even realizing it.

the only caveat: it may not happen.
prepare for that.
you open up the floodgates for his sexuality.
he is intimidated to approach you.
hell he is cool with you and intimidated.
his slow pace has nothing to do with you.
don’t blame or beat yourself up.
you are great.
its just the time and the place.
he may not be comfortable.
can he trust you?
will you out him?
is he a wolf, hybrid, or a fox?
is he now considered a “faggot” once he does something?
does he even want to fall in love with a man?
its a process when you are new and inexperienced to this life.
you don’t realize you look together.
he isn’t.

some people are just not where we are yet.
they may not want to even go down that path.
strict backgrounds and homophobic parents.
all with the lessons they were taught.
you may actually be the “start” of them liking the same sex.
everyone has a “person” that made their dick hard when it wasn’t suppose to.
its life.
they may either accept their feelings later on down the road.
when they feel comfortable.
it could be you or some bold jackal in their territory.
they may not live their life in a prison,
using drugs and vixens to “temporarily” erase their feelings.
you know how it goes.
all you need to do is either:

a) take it slow and be a friend
reveal little things about who you are
make them comfortable enough to come out their comfort zone

b) move on
realize it may not happen,
but thats okay because at least you know you got him emotionally
nothing better than to have that

whatever you choose,
you will be okay.
my spirit told me this last night.
someone needed to hear it.
hell i needed to hear it.
it helped me.
i woke up today feeling happy and refreshed.
its like everything suddenly made sense.
i hope it did for you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The “Aha” Moment About The Curious”

  1. This entire entry spoke DIRECTLY to my soul. It’s like you’ve been a fly on the wall, the bug in my phone, the walls at work and I didn’t know. It’s the same thing that is going on with me and this guy at work (and now school!). He has subtly revealed things about himself to me and right now it’s like he’s afraid to be who he is. Sometimes I wanna knock him upside the head but then I think back and say to myself I was once where he is at now. I’m caught between a rock and a hard place.

    I would definitely like A to be the case, but don’t want to waste my time and sometimes consider B.

  2. I cannot deal with a dude who is extremely uncomfortable. They are a lot to handle, especially if they appear as if they are not going to accept themselves in the near future. I don’t think a relationship can be built with a person like that.

    1. Exactly, I have no time for that. I understand it in your teenage years but after growing up no one should be able to tell you how to live your life, even your parents. Shit like that is what makes me dislike Jeffery on the haves and haves nots.

  3. I get what you’re saying and sometimes it does apply, but in a lot of cases we take a little superficial crush too damn far.

    We need to get to a point where it takes MORE. More to get us open. More to get our attention. More to keep it!

    Too many of us are falling head over heels for men that just speak to us in passing or throws a few compliments our way. That shit is basic. Any person with minimal manners does that, but we’re already imagining the relationship in our heads.

    There has to be progression and effort put forth by both parties, at least to be friends.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I certainly don’t want to spend my 20s pining for someone that barely knows I’m alive.

    Sometimes you have to say in your head “damn he’s fine”, fantasize a little, take a mental picture of that ass as he walks away, and keep it pushing.

    1. I agree with this. Do you know how many people I speak to a day and do not have the slightest interest in them? Lots. People still do have manners. These dudes think just because someone holds the door open for them it means they are interested. GOH.

      1. ^THIS!! Hate that shyt! You say wassup, they think you interested. You look at them too long, you’re interested. Buy them coffee or hot chocolate on a freezing day, you’re interested. Nah…that’s YOUR insecurity. I have manners and I’m being polite…nothing more. LOL

  4. GET OUT OF MY HEAD J! Like you’re spelling out my life right now. There’s this undefined canid that I work with and he’s giving me the business right now. I’m really attracted to his mind, then his body, and then his sex appeal. He seems to be a great guy for me right now, but he’s apparently straight. I’ve expressed my feelings to him (I told him that I like him–those exact words) and he didn’t trip. He just said that he likes bitches and that we’ll remain cool. He wasn’t mad or tripping, but I felt so dumb. I THOUGHT that i saw all of the signs, but I read them wrong. I’m going to do a combo of A) and B) and see what comes of it. I’m trying to focus on other shit and it’s a distraction when I see him. But I’ll be good. Thanks for the article!

  5. I’ve had guys drop hints or come right out and say things…but I don’t fall into that because part of me thinks it’s a trap. I gotta get over that ’cause I missed out on a lot of opportunities! LOL

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