Eye Roll and Teeth Suck (NBA All Star Weekend)

i am a little tite.
i’m trying to see the silver living in regards to nba all star weekend.
as you know it touches down in new yawk starting today…

so my connect that i have been depending on to get into all star events…
well super fail.
they gonna tell me:

“ima call you if to come through”

giphythey messed up on something and now i’m on hold.
like a stand by flight?
they sent me a rsvp for some event,
but of course,
it was too late.
they gassed me thinking i was going to the king james fashion show.
stupid gassed with that one.
so i have to just wait until they call me so i can go to something.
i have a feeling its going to be some hood shit.
bulletproof vest required.
i feel like i got the run around.

a lot of people i know are going.
many bought tickets to the celeb game.
the actual all star game,
that will play on sunday night,
was in the “2gs and a kidney” region of life.
i’m good.
i would have bought a ticket to the celeb game,
but when i bought this travel comp,
i was tapped out in funds.

so i’m prepared to sit this one out.
this taught me i need more connects again.
a lot of the people i know just “talk”.
they say they will do something and don’t come through.
did i mention the weather is gonna be like “0” degrees?
how we suppose to get fly and naked in that kind of weather?


all star is pretty tricky tho.
like I’ve said before,
those kind of events have a ton of competition.
i know new yawk wolves and they gonna be hustlin’.
some gonna be pretending to be baller wolves to get pussy.

tumblr_njj2s39VF01qfh70bo1_500the fronts and the fakers will be on front street.
rentals gonna be lining the streets.
swipers gonna tear down barneys for expensive outfits.
every dl and “didn’t know he was dl” is trying to get fucked this weekend.
the lines gonna be long and its going to be a mad house in certain events.
the flyers being shipped around online will have a “few” baller wolves.
they may come in for a minute and dip.
its the parties not being advertised is where you need to be.
the exclusive “dl” parties that the “industry” foxwire is passing around.

see that’s where i want to be.
le sigh.

in this kind of situation,
you need to know someone who will have you in the circles.
that is where you can network and exchange cards.
even you get some pipe,
chances are its with someone official.
….but being with the common folk freezing their ass off?
nahhhhhhh buddy.
i don’t do “lines”.
so lets hope something good comes through.
i’m asking god for something exciting to happen.

lowkey: i think when allstar is in atlanta
“books ticket”

9 thoughts on “Eye Roll and Teeth Suck (NBA All Star Weekend)

    1. If I was hitting those cheeks he still wouldn’t have a backbone lol. Get it? LOL. He is a handsome ass dude.

  1. J, dont worry you are not missing anything but lots of fronting pineapples both male and female. Actually getting in these events a lot of times is just luck of the draw. I have hung out at a couple of All-Stars and they are fun in one sense as you get to see so many different people and so many nice looking dudes from around the country, but the parties are over priced and crowded unless you have those A-1 connections to get in free and chill in VIP. A couple years ago, I was in LA for All-Star and went to Puffy’s party, it was boring after a while, a few celebs but they made sure with their security to not get to close to the regular people, and even with preferred tickets we still had to wait in a long ass line and I was tired before I even got in there good. I also had this vixen who was supposed to hook me up at some more parties who lived in LA and her ass didnt even answer her phone the whole weekend and she had made big promises. I have only had one friend who gave me the hookup like he said for these types of events.

    Now you may get lucky if you go to the mall, or to some of the top name hotels in NYC which there are probably so many, go to hotel lobby bars and post up looking fresh, and go with a pretty vixen, this worked for a vixen friend of mine at Superbowl a few years back, she was invited by Shemar Moore who just happened to be staying at the hotel and was in the bar getting a drink, she said she got in the party VIP and it was Marlon and Shawn Wayans party and she was with a male friend and they had a blast. You will probably meet Ballers in quiet places like Starbucks or a restaurant. I am thinking that the cold of NYC will make this All Star a little weak anyway.

    1. ^you are so right t.

      it’s gonna snow this weekend,
      Plus some artic air shit,
      and the whole thing seems like a struggle.

      these events aren’t fun without being in vip.
      or being able to network.
      all the fronts are going to be front and center.
      I know way too many trying to stunt this weekend.

      I had to put 300 on my card.
      I think I’m washed,
      but Ima hold out that I get something good to go too.

  2. Man that sucks I can’t stand people like that.

    P.S. When all star was here in the A there were nothing but fine ass wolves for miles and miles.

  3. I was going to ask you about this today lol. Sorry to hear this news. Hopefully something will come through soon. You need to get out and have some fun man.

  4. Someone getting your hopes then shooting them down. I know that feeling all too well. I want a future where I am the connect. I’m tired of depending on other people. Most aren’t worth a damn.

    I’d love to see the look on a vixen’s face when she finds out the dude she just swallowed is a faux-baller. Sounds like a Punk’d gone wrong.

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