Idris Elba Walkin’ Round Hea Looking Like The Best Meat On The Menu

tumblr_mtht7fPW9u1rap8elo6_500leg and thighs.
just how i like it.
so everyone should know idris elba right?
i prefer to call him stringer bell.
actor wolf of many dreams and fantasies.
when he busts out with his authentic english accent,
i love every last word and syllable.
i feel like this latest gq interview for october covers a lot of ground.
as well as show how sexy this man is.
it revealed some shit i didn’t even know…

Idris Elba on formerly selling drugs & working as a doorman to make ends meet:
“Yeah, it was, because I was running with cats. I mean, I was DJ’ing, but I was also pushing bags of weed; I was doing my work. I had to. I know that sounds corny, but this is the truth.” He says he’d sell drugs at Carolines, and meanwhile all these successful guys would come through: D. L. Hughley, Dave Chappelle. “All those black comedians, they knew me as a doorman.”

…on his legacy of playing Stringer Bell on HBO’s The Wire:
“That really is more about the writing of The Wire than it is the performance. You know, Stringer Bell is a great character that was written. I happened to play him, but it could’ve been anybody playing that role.”

You really feel like anybody could’ve played Stringer? 
“Listen, I think I brought Stringer to life my way, but The Wire isn’t a classic because of Stringer Bell. The Sopranos was a classic because of Tony Soprano.”

…on his feud with Liam Gallagher following the NME Awards:
And then he throws on “Wonderwall,” by Oasis, which is curious, because even though the mostly British crowd is howling the song back at him, Elba has been in the tabloids recently for an altercation with Liam Gallagher after this year’s NME Awards; the younger Gallagher brother removed Elba’s wool cap in an apparently disrespectful manner. Elba took issue; the two men got into it. So it seems suspicious, Elba playing Gallagher’s song, and the next day, when we meet up again, I ask him about it. “Wonderwall” last night—were you taking a shot? “No! F–k that idiot. No.”

Basically, Elba says, he just gave Liam a hug and an affectionate rub on the head.
“Didn’t like that. Don’t touch his hair, apparently. F–k off. Next time walk with a f–king hairdresser, then.” Laughter. “Well, ‘I’m a popular rock singer, so I’m going to be mean and f–king horrible to people just because they messed up my look.’ F–k off. I played his song because his song’s a classic. I couldn’t—I don’t even know what his songs are about now or what band he’s in now. No one gives a f–k, yeah? He was popular when he was in Oasis.”

Paternity drama:
He was dating a woman in Florida, had been for a couple of years. They were living together and in love. She became pregnant and gave birth to a boy. For a brief moment, it was among the happiest times of Elba’s life. “The celebration of having a son—from a man’s perspective, it’s massive.” He told friends about it. He told reporters about it. Then came the suggestion—not from the child’s mother, but from elsewhere—that not everything was what it appeared to be. 

“It wasn’t immediately obvious—well, it was, because he didn’t look like me,” Elba says. “But it wasn’t immediately obvious what had gone down.” Eventually, Elba decided to take a paternity test, which showed the child wasn’t his. “To be given that and then have it taken away so harshly,” he says, “was like taking a full-on punch in the face: POW.” 

…on finding out he was not the father of a boy he was calling his own:
“You know, the truth is—like, even admitting it, I’ll probably get laughed at for the rest of my life. But it is just tragic, and it happened.” He looks directly at me when he says this. “But I wasn’t knocked out. I stood right the f–k back up, and I ain’t aiming to take another punch in the face ever again. 

Do you understand what I’m saying? It happened to me. I moved on.” In a paradoxical way, he says, it was freeing. “I’ve not been an angel in my life, either—do you know what I’m saying? So to a certain extent, what goes around comes around. But for me in the future, I’m about being comfortable. That’s it.”

He disappears: As a kid, Elba says, “I sort of blended into the background quite a bit. I wasn’t the guy that was a big personality. I was the tall, silent, quiet type.” Even now—I can attest to this—he gets lost in crowds. Walk into a room with him and watch him disappear. “I call it the invisible factor,” he says. “On any ordinary street, walking down in London Soho in a cap, I’m just a f–king tall black man walking along.”

of course video:

god… that wolf knows how to wear a suit.
i’m horny.

i’d throw the cuffs on him and never look back.
where are the discreet gay wolves who look/dress/swagg like this?
i’m mad that vixen had to lie about being pregnant by him.
“you ain’t have to lie HOE…”
i think nothing could hurt a man more than lying and saying a child is his.
i know a wolf that happened to long after the baby was born.
he got attached and everything before he found out.
sad story and made him not trust vixens anymore.
imagine if messy queens could get pregnancy?
i’d have to check out earth immediately.

story source: gq mag

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Idris Elba Walkin’ Round Hea Looking Like The Best Meat On The Menu”

  1. Oh Idris Elba. That’s the man right there. Why can’t good men like him get down?

    If queens could get pregnant it would be a sad time lol. Imagine if Peanut was pregnant with Kerry’s baby lol. DAMN! Kerry wouldn’t have a pot to piss in. SMH.

  2. I love me some Idris Elba.I was jealous watching Obsessed and seeing Beyonce and Ali Larter getting kiss and suck on those lips.

    As for the paternity drama.He should be happy that he found out so soon.I know many people who have never gotten DNA test and just trusted the women’s word even though it was known that she slept around.One guy said he felt it was too late and just accepts the boy as his son since he’s over 18 now.It’d be kind of hard for him to find out the man he called dad all his life wasn’t actually his dad.

    He could’ve ended like that rapper J-kwon who paid a chick thousands of dollars of money and bought her a house because she claimed her baby was his but it turned the baby wasn’t.Now he’ll never get that money back.Same thing happened to Ne-yo.

    Men need to start secretly getting DNA test.

  3. Idris Elba is another example on why I love black Englishmen. I love how he is open about selling drugs and the baby mama drama situation, and it sad how he was so excited of being a father and turn out to be no. It weird to see a black man being happy to be a father, but then again he is from the other side.

  4. See, I find it very difficult to keep my mind clean, when I see pictures of this man with his legs open like that. It’s almost as if he’s asking me to deepthroat it!

  5. I have always been a fan of his…he is the type of man you knock down walls to get home so he can knock down your walls. #husbandmaterial

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