“I’m Not Gay, Just Curious,” Says The NBA Rookie To The Idiot Queen?

selby-12-67didnt some of us say that at one point or another?
i know i did when i first starting out meeting wolves.
that “curiosity” usually leads them to either:

a) only being “curious” once they get some gay sex
b) being exposed by some loud mouth queen

josh selby,
an ex nba baller wolf rookie for the memphis grizzles,
allegedly learned the hard way couple years ago.

i’m pretty late on this story that an f-bi had to fill me in,
but its rings true to the bs happening in 2013….

Until now the closeted NBA fraternity of gay players had managed to keep their existence a well-guarded secret. But Memphis Grizzlies rookie Josh Selby probably didn’t receive the handbook on being discreet with those gold digging NBA groupies. Selby prefers his NBA groupies to be Hispanic boys who advertise their services on social networking websites such as Twitter.com.

According to Benny614tv.com, Josh Selby sent pics of himself to one @iAmJustinCruz on Twitter.com who promised to turn him out after exchanging direct messages (DMs on Twitter). “I’m just curious, not gay, bruh,” tweeted Selby to Justin, after making hotel arrangements. Justin’s page is now private, probably to protect his other “clients” on Twitter.

first of all sandra rose is annoying.
why are some of the lesbians the biggest haters to gay men?
like you not in the same category with us?

i hope the idiot queen received his parched  3 minutes of fame.
obvious not because i don’t see him.
you see why its so hard for “us” to get trusted these days?
turns out the story was a complete fake.
ive been fucked… and not in the good way.
thank you foxhole for clearing up the story.
why would someone do that to him anyway?
that’s real fucked up.
anyhoo josh looks kinda rough around the edges.
i like that shit...

“hey josh”.


lowkey: there was a quick twist in the story:

Updated: the family of the 17-year-old boy in @iamJustinCruz’s original profile pic reached out to us to let us know that his profile pic was stolen off his Facebook page. His name is not Justin Cruz. The person updating the @iamjustincruz Twitter account has since replaced the teen’s pic with a blurry image of an older looking Hispanic male. That pic might be stolen as well. All you down low NBA players need to be aware that the pretty face gays you seek on Twitter might not be who you think they are!

story source: sandra rose

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on ““I’m Not Gay, Just Curious,” Says The NBA Rookie To The Idiot Queen?”

  1. A couple things… Why does he follow me on IG?! And one day I told @nayetorious, “this random ass basketball player followed me today”, her response was, “maybe he trying to smash”, we both laughed and was like, “naaaaah, lol”!!! But he is from Baltimore, and always doing things in the DMV, but especially the bmore area… To see this post is so bizarre!

  2. This is so sad. I feel sorry for him. In the old days before the Internet and all these electronic devices people generally met in person, so one could pick up on vibes and body language in real time. The moral to this is the advantages with the Internet have brought downsides, and this is a perfect example. People would “connect” with people who would have as much to lose if something funky were to go down. And, even though there have always been messy people, they didn’t have the opportunity to reach thousands and/or millions of people with one click of a button or cursor.

    1. you hit the nail on the head! the ones who do it right still keep it off social media, cellphones left in car and once you step into the circle of trust then a text can start the I conversation like “jay told me too holla at ya.”

      1. I don’t get why dudes use instagram and Twitter for hookups. Niggas being thirsty trying to holla at other niggas. There are so public with it. I read the comments.

        How long you in town for?
        We should meet up and chill?
        I want to workout with you.

        WTF? Talk about decoys lol. Very few of those dudes are actually really serious and are actually not up to no good. Why would you want to workout or chill with a person that you don’t know? Everything is about meeting up. I’m just so tired of the ulterior motives. It’s all about fucking to some people.

      2. Let’s say you are a brother of means and discreet, but not an athlete or celeb (though 2 degrees of separation), how do u even get into the circle? Seems like being discreet can work against you at times.

        1. ^seems like being a queen,
          like the females hoes,
          are winning.
          they say they want quality,
          yet they run to someone who outs or embarrasses them with no tact.
          it baffles me,
          but some wolves are just stupid.
          they allow some to ear hustle them out their comfort zone.

  3. Thanks for posting Jamari. I live in Bmore and work in DC. Baltimore has a lot of DL guys like Josh. Just hang around Lexington Market (first floor bathroom) or the infamous cruising trails of Druid Hill Park and you will quickly find out.

    I hope this incident doesn’t hurt Josh’s balling career. It was dumb for him to say he is in professional sports. Come on dude!

    He needs to develop a network of discreet guys to fulfill his “curiousity” yet maintain his privacy. I have a buddy in Atlanta who procures female and male escorts for celebs, including athletes. He never reveals his clients but says I would be surprised who some of them are.

    This buddy says so many celebs get female pussy thrown at them that many are curious about gay sex. Others are just closeted.

    If Josh needs his number let me know lol.

    1. It’s an old story man. As for his NBA career, he has no NBA career, and this has nothing to do with it. He was drafted by Memphis and he turned out to be a bust and got released. He is currently in the Development league.

      1. ^wow he could’ve fool me on Instagram.
        he is living the life is a baller wolf with dough.
        i gotta edit this entry because i didn’t even hear about it when it broke.
        thanks man!

  4. For a guy who seem to be only curious sure have a type already. For you to have a type doesn’t mean you are curious, it means you know what you like. I give him an A+ for the skin color, C- for the face and D for body.

  5. The story is a fake. It was proven a fake back in 2011. The email was dated sept 2011 but the twitter account he wants him to follow was created aug 2011. The pics are real tho. Prob the work of a angry vixen.

    1. Yea I remember reading about this a few years ago. It turned out to be fake. lol. Unless there was a very good coverup. The evidence they gave to prove it was fake was legit tho….

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