Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Like What Good Pipe Can Do To You

okyesyou know i’m black when the first thing i do is so steal a hummer,
go get a hair cut,
and then go see some skrippas.
grand theft auto 5 has got me consumed.
it had me up until 5 am last night.
geez is this what getting mind altering pipe feels like?…

frankso everyone meet franklin.
he is one of the wolves you can play as in the game.
i found myself strangely attracted to him.
the other character is a rich white wolf named michael,
a reformed bank robber.
this game is fawkin,
but fuckin,
but fawkin’ AMAZING!
it got me feeling like i am 13 again.
playing it until all hours of the morning.
getting a little sleep to do it again.
this is actually my first gta game i’m playing.
this one took my gta virginity.
ive said before i only watched before.
playing it was a little complicated at first.
driving the cars was annoying as hell.
i’m now a pro (kinda).
some cars are way too fast and have no control.
the whole city is huge and there is a lot to do.
it can be pretty overwhelming at times,
but i love the missions throughout the game.
my favorites so far was the tennis coach fuckin’ mike’s wife and the drama that followed,
saving mike’s son off his stolen boat,
the tech geek at the press conference,
and the bisexual dog chasin’ that gang banger.
why did i save mike’s wife from getting arrested later on in one side mission?
i had to steal the police car she was in and rescue her ass.
wasn’t she fuckin’ the tennis coach a while ago?
i simped on that one.
crackhead toya and franklin’s aunt kill me.
i love that you can change clothes and do all kinds of personal shit to your character.
i also love everything happens in real time.
you beat a mission and then a little while later,
they will broadcast whatever happened on the car radio.
the car music is dope too!
asap rocky,
rick ross,
kendrick lamar,
kelly rowland,

if you guys don’t have it yet,
go and get it.
the shit is worth the money.
…and yes,
i did pick up a hooker and fucked her for 100 dollars.

50: she sucks you off.

70: you bang her.

100: you tear her ass up.

…sounds about right in real life.

lowkey: i have a hummer i wanna get hooked up stashed at frank’s spot.
i stole a hooked up lambo off the street in the rich neighborhood and all hell broke loose.
i love this game.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Like What Good Pipe Can Do To You”

  1. I’m playing mine at a real slow pace since this is the only great game out (IMHO) until the end of next month. Can’t wait for GTA Online to open up. Hopefully they give us access to San Fierro and Las Venturas for online portion of the game.

    Franklin is nice and thick with sexy West Cost hood accent, but I still have love for CJ from GTA:SA.

    In case you haven’t gotten to any of Trevor’s missions yet, once you meet Trevor and get access to him, the tattoo shops are unlocked. Take Franklin to the tattoo shop and if you just examine the tattoos for the body, you get to see a full body shot of him only in his boxers.

    1. ^thanks!
      i gave frank a baldy and a beard.
      right now im trying to find the other other armored car for this diamond heist.
      I don’t know where it is.

        1. ^i been driving around looking for h2.
          where is it supposed to be on the game board?
          im stuck.
          the one where you had to shoot the doors off was a challenge when the police officers came out of nowhere for my ass.
          I had to take the truck and had in a factory lol

  2. I’m so jealous lol. I don’t even have the money for a PS3 or a XBOX of my own to even get the game and play it on. Money is tight, to me it is anyway lol. That’s what happens when you are college student. *sigh*

    1. That’s not an excuse You just put in extra hours at work. But yeah Get a used one from GameStop. They have a great warranty I heard.

  3. Haha I would of never guess you be into games like that. I might just have to pick that up. Last time I played my 360 I played marvel vs capcom which is crack months ago

      1. Storm, wolverine and what ever that girl name is that has the robot I kill with. lol I beat you even though I’m

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