i want you to feel love with me

thank God for streaming.
i know ya’ll listening to some interesting shit.
it’s okay.
i think it makes you cultured.
so ever since i saw the “white boy rock” trailer…


which i think is one of the best trailers of this year,
i’ve been obsessed with the background song.
it has been one of my favorite songs for a while.
the beat is so hypnotic.

donna summer – i feel love

this song is a vibe.

it takes me somewhere mentally that i can’t explain.
it makes me think of being care free and living your best life.
walking into an event on that “tv slow motion” strut.
your shit is for sale and the rent is due that night.
when you’re fuckin someone hot and in total control.
you tell him when to go and when to cum.
when you’re the obsession of everyone’s fantasies.
it takes me to time when things are good.
sorta like the skating rink scenes in the “white boy rick” trailer.
it’s like a foreshadow if i really concentrate.
it’s also an affirmation if you read the lyrics:

Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
Ooh, fall and free, fall and free
Fall and free, fall and free
Fall and free
like i fonted,
it’s a vibe that i want to feel all the time.
lowkey: i bet the 80s was a fun time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “i want you to feel love with me”

  1. Thanks to this entry, Donna Summers will be in my headphones at the gym today. Love that song and can’t wait to see this film being a Detroit native myself.

  2. “tell it to my heart” does that too me too. a feeling that i can’t explain comes over me.

    the 80s must’ve been so special…

  3. Donna is everlasting!! She deserved more during her lifetime and it’s a shame that blacks don’t recognize her as one of the founding divas alongside Aretha, Diana and Gladys. Her catalog is so vast and rich. I Feel Love is the song that is not only one of her biggest hits but it’s also groundbreaking as it paved the way for electronic music sub genre that we still enjoy today. Her and Giorgio Moroder were some geniuses.

    I already know I would have been cutting up in studio 54 with the gays of yesterday. I turn it out now at the straight clubs. Lmao

    1. ^i love how you fonted this song paved that thing song paved be way for the electronic sub genre.
      i can def see that.

      imagine going to studio 54 and getting in?!?!
      i bet those who attend have so much memories of their experience.
      i loved watching documentaries about that club when i was a cub.
      it always seemed so exclusive and ratchet lol

    2. @ To Be Young Gay&Black-Truth and Facts Bro, she did not get her just due because of the Disco Backlash that happened in the early 80’s. People wrote Disco off even after she had been so successful in the genre, also she was heavily marketed to Gays in her heyday and I think that might have hurt her in the long run. Donna had the vocal chops to compete with any R&B Diva.

      I think another forgotten thing about Donna Summer is her style. Lets just say the Queen B owes her a lot. Looking back in history, I just realized how cutting edge and sexy she was. She was smoking hot and had a swag and style that Madonna and so many others have copied. Sexy, and Sultry without being cheap. I wish I would have been old enough to go to clubs in her day, I bet it is nothing like those days, I am sure our partying could never rise to that level.

      RIP Donna, your style and essence will never be forgotten, there are so many generations who are going to be blown away when they discover you.

      1. She was the undisputed queen of disco. When that genre was turned against by society, she disappeared for a bit but had a minor resurgence in the 80s.

  4. Yeah, Donna is a Goddess. Those vocals are legendary. I remember hearing her song I Will Live For Love -Dream-a-Lot Theme and I died. It sounded so magical when I first heard it. It was almost empowering.

    Donna is a gay icon.

  5. Yes Jamari, I love watching those docs too. Lmao @ ratchet but yes it just seemed like that was the place to be Friday – Sunday and just lose your inhibitions. We would definitely have our own stories and probably a few scandals too lmao. They say MJ and Prince would go often and turn up.

  6. Wow, still remember the first time I heard that song… and you’re right.. the late 70’s and 80’s was quite a time bruh… The documentaries don’t do Studio 54 justice for real; that place was like an event every time you went there. I feel love reminds me how much I miss the Garage & Larry Levan… that song still takes me there though 🙂

  7. One of the best songs ever recorded. Without “I Feel Love” we wouldn’t have House Music and techno. Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder we’re ahead of their time.

    R.I.P. Donna Summer, The Queen Of Disco

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