When The Devil Strikes


so i feel like i want to cry.
i’m holding it in pretty good.
i sat here and wrote a pretty good entry.
a foxholer sent me the lead  on the foxhole ig.
i mean i had my classical playing and everything.
it was a complete “zoned out” situation up in here.
so as i’m about to save the article to post…

it erases my entry.

when i go to think it saved it as a draft,
it’s no where to be found.
all the pictures/gifs i used to support the article are there,
but that entry i worked so hard on is GONE foxhole.
it took everything in me not to throw my laptop across the room.
that has me so vex right now.

lowkey: nothing has went right today and then this happens.
i’m legit on some kim kardashian shit right now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “When The Devil Strikes”

  1. Happened to me the other day. Found it somewhere in an “unsaved” folder on my computer I have no idea how to find it again but try searthing “unsaved”

    1. ^t i searched everywhere.
      im trying to figure out how my post just deleted and didn’t at least save to drafts.
      as soon as wordpress updated,
      of course something goes wrong.

    1. ^i wrote it in the actual wordpress layout.

      i usually write a draft version in text on my mac.
      when i’m done,
      i paste it into the wordpress “add new” post.
      while it was there,
      i didn’t like how it was so i re-wrote it in there.
      adding and taking out things from the original.
      i ended up writing a whole new entry and as soon as i pressed send,
      it went white screen on me.
      i figured it would have backed up a recent version.

  2. Yo, this reminds me of the time when I finished a paper for a Sociology class, and the shyt disappeared! I was HEATED!! I didn’t even get a chance to print it! It just disappeared. I had IT guys trying to help me and everything. Talk about a grown man wanting to cry.

    Now when I’m writing stuff, I save after every paragraph. LOL

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