slide right to delete this group

i left.
this morning,
i hit “leave group” and didn’t look back.
folks was starting to move funny.
i’m not one to turn the blind eye because i’m “lonely”.
i get tf on.
people don’t truly know group etiquette anyway…

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When The Devil Strikes


so i feel like i want to cry.
i’m holding it in pretty good.
i sat here and wrote a pretty good entry.
a foxholer sent me the lead  on the foxhole ig.
i mean i had my classical playing and everything.
it was a complete “zoned out” situation up in here.
so as i’m about to save the article to post…

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The Magically Re-Appearing “POTUS” Twitter Account

i un-followed the “potus” account and now i’m following it again.
it has happened to everyone who removed the account after obama left.
don’t force these jackals and hyenas on us.
we will all collectively report you for spam.

Delete The Doofus

facebook-deleteone thing i love more than getting something i’ve wanted for a long time on sale,
or meeting a fine wolf offline that had private pictures,
is getting the courage to erase irrelevant people out my life.
i went ham in my phone book and contact lists today.
it feels so good when i “delete the doofus”.
it’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.
the monkey on my back, probably?
well here is the thing….

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August Alsina Grabs His Little Friend In Anger

augustgrabshislittlefriend“& no my dick ain’t on hard”
i love the disclaimer.
august alsina decided to throw this picture up and then sneak delete it.
now why you gotta go and do that now, huh?
well of course,
the foxhole got it to share for sunday lunch.
who hungry?

lowkey: august is still just “eh” for me.
light skin,
smokes weed,
and models for instagram.

like……. ive seen it all before.
im more a “songzbird sunday afternoon” kind of fox.