Delete The Doofus

facebook-deleteone thing i love more than getting something i’ve wanted for a long time on sale,
or meeting a fine wolf offline that had private pictures,
is getting the courage to erase irrelevant people out my life.
i went ham in my phone book and contact lists today.
it feels so good when i “delete the doofus”.
it’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.
the monkey on my back, probably?
well here is the thing….

i am no one’s dog nor is my life goal to be a teacher.
i should not have to teach grown ass people HOW to be friends,
all while trying to remain loyal to those who aren’t displaying such qualities.
that is not the way my life works.
i need people in my life who will appreciate me,
randomly hit me up to say hello,
shoot the shit,
and give me R E S P E C T.
if you can’t do those things then you have to go.
bye bye.
see ya later.
maybe i’m just use to dealing with assholes,
but it’s never hard for me to leave someone and not look back.
i don’t care how much money you have.
what you do for a living.
how fine you are.
i have left wolves with bigger titles behind because of lack of  R E S P E C T.
people don’t like to know you can drop em,
when they do you wrong,
without looking back or giving a second chance.

it always explains why they come running back to me.
you will NEVER find someone like me in your life.
i say that with the HIGHEST form of confidence.
sure one or seven people may think i’m the devil.
i can’t please everyone,
but i’m not like these other ragga muffins out here.
494406nsmq686mgkso you,
you who is reading this right now.
stop waiting for someone that you know deep down inside has emotionally left.
you are holding onto them on your various friend lists,
watching them post pics on instagram,
online stalking their lives,
and they couldn’t careless if you were dead or alive.
they are done with you.
they DO NOT want to be your friend or your boyfriend.
you will NOT fuck them again.
let them go.
they been showed you who they were and now it’s time to believe it.
if you’re constantly doing more for someone,
and they’re not returning the favor,
then it’s time to “delete the doofus”.
its hard,
i know,
but put on your biggest big boy fur and go kamikaze on that delete button.

you will not regret it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Delete The Doofus”

  1. You really won’t regret it. It’s one of the best feelings ever. Nobody is control of your happiness, but you.

  2. So…. That means I should stop talking to this guy as well? Backstory: This guy and me had this instant click and we were texting back and forth but out of the blue he just stop texting me. This was in the spring/summer. Now 2 months ago I found out he made a facebook account so I decided to hit him because I miss him. We chatted on FB for awhile and he asked for my # to text, and he did it again kind of. Well all he writes is “Hey cutie” and that the end of the conversation. Now a week ago he hit me on fb about how sad he was cause everything is going south with him and it blew my mind because oh you only bother me when there nothing going on with you. I think I just answer my own question: I am going to stop talking to him.

  3. 1. You wrote “and they could careless if you were dead or alive”. That is improper. That means that their sentiments could be lower–which is not what you mean. The expression that should be used is “couldn’t care less”, meaning that their sentiments cannot be lower. Somehow this error in grammar/syntax has worked it’s way into the venacular.

    2. Sometimes, I believe that you have to “teach” people. I am not the fount of all wisdom so from time to time I learn something about human relations and other things that I didn’t know. That being said, it’s important that a person be a good student/good learner. If you are the teacher and the other person is not a good learner, then it may be time to say good-bye.

    3. I agree with letting people go. Relationships last for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I believe in the 5 Cs and use them to evaluate and analyze relationships. And they are applicable for personal and business relationships because balance/reciprocity/mutual benefit are important in all relationships and to a large degree the 5 Cs are about balance/reciprocity/mutual benefit. The 5 Cs are as follows:

    As far as an “association” with a man, woman or child goes, any relationship (be it between friends, between father and daughter, mother and daughter, husband and wife, etc.) needs the 5 Cs:
    1. Compromise: They need to be able to compromise on their legitimate interests.
    2. Communication: They need to be able to communicate about their wants, needs, hopes, fears, aspirations, etc. This includes not just “what” but “how” and “when” to communicate. And communication includes listening and not just “saying” or “writing” or “sending”. Some things are best said by email and others by snail mail, telephone call, text message, etc. So the mode of communication is important. This is the most important C. Poor communication tends to lead to a poor relationship. No communication tends to lead to no relationship. (And the corollary is also true: Poor communication tends to lead to a poor relationship and a poor relationship tends to lead to no relationship.) It is through communication that understanding—not assumptions—is achieved. It is through communication that the other Cs are realized. Compromise is made. Commitment is shown. Companionship is had and cash is dealt with clearly, compatibly and appropriately.
    3. Commitment: They need to be concerned with and about each other and sufficiently dedicated/devoted to each other and the relationship. This involves accountability, faithfulness, loyalty, attentiveness, diligence and effort.
    4. Companionship: They need to enjoy each other’s company.
    5. Cash: They need to be clear, cool and compatible on issues concerning money.
    When the 5 Cs are “added”, they add up to compatibility. What do you think of the 5 Cs?

      1. Luckey shaded you in one of his post a while back, since you accepted donations on your site (he never said your name). I found it very immature and low down since he use to comment on the site, but oh how he has fallen. Theluckey is nothin but ads now and is no longer updated. He should of been humble and genuine and maybe he could of had success like you. Im glad that your site is successful and may 2014 even be more of a awesome year for you.

        1. ^lololol!
          he is funny.
          i decided to let go and let god with that one.
          may he find himself in 2014.
          anyway thank you dee for the compliments.
          may this year bring you everything you ask for and want to achieve.
          no drama.
          no stress.
          positive energy your way!

  4. Jamari, Check out luckey’s page two. when you scrape away all the porn stars and industry stuff, his content mirrors yours, and while i get that it was recent news stories he might collect from, the fact he posted the same images you did yesterday, it looks a bit copy pasty.

  5. Luckey copies almost EVERYTHING posted here. It got so bad that he copied something and didn’t remove the same highlights and underlines as Jamari did in his entry. He copies everything from everyone to stay relevant in “blogging”. I thought Jamari was copying him until I started really paying attention.

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