The Man Who Got 2 Peens

108b1a95f74a089b363145f008587275116d8ac89affebc0ffdf4430d7f4f391“yeah baby.
stick it on my mouth.
oooh *gulp* *bob* *weave*..
yeah now fuck me hard!”
this is about a man who got 2 peens.
he got two peens and goes by the name,
double d.
how fitting?
literally and… you know the rest.
okay i guess i gotta show you what an wolf-bi sent me.
it is very NSFW and 18^.
you been warned…
tumblr_myr0feaAAa1rwn1nio1_500kanyeblinkthose questions you have in your brain right now?
well website,
personally interviewed to find out more:

1. He is 24 years old, about 6 feet tall 150lbs, dark blond hair, blue eyes.

2. Why Double D? That was a nickname a buddy gave him in middle school. Obviously, it stands for Double Dicks.

3. Yes, he CAN pee and cum through both dicks.

4. NO, he does not have 4 balls.

5. He does not show it off. He says he’s denied having two cocks a lot. The attention isn’t always nice and he prefers to keep it quiet.

6. He has fucked women in both holes at the same time, using his dominant cock, the right one in the ass and his left cock, the softer one in the pussy. He has also fucked people with both cocks in the same hole. Guys and girls.

7. He is bisexual and for obvious reasons prefers men and women with loose or otherwise “big” holes. Looks get his attention, but personality is what motivates him to date. He likes well proportioned women, blondes who are kinky. Men, he prefers well proportioned, or well built, muscular men. He says he prefers the kind of men that act or seem straight. He’s turned off (usually) by flamboyant or extremely feminine acting men. He admits he likes twinks and very skinny guys from time to time.

8. Negative effects: Shaving. He has a difficult time shaving the hair that grows up between his cocks. He has to be extremely aroused for his dominant cock (on the right) to get completely hard. The left cock will get what is considered a semi-erection first but never get rigid. He likes tight jeans but hates that the seam rubs the skin between his cocks. There is a bundle of veins between them that bruise easily.

9. He can jack off his left cock, but it feels better to use his right cock.

10. He says men are more fascinated with his dicks than women are and some women have freaked out and refused to have sex when they see his dicks. Some have thought it was a joke or a prosthetic. No guy has ever turned him down at the last minute.

that gives new meaning to “double the pleasure; double the fun”.
imagine trying to put both of them in your mouth?
i won’t lie that i dry heaved,
but after i regained control of my thoughts,
i was in complete shock after seeing the picture/reading that.
it was really interesting though.
you clearly think you know a guy and then he pulls two dicks out his pants.

on a positive note:
at least they’re the same size.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Man Who Got 2 Peens”

  1. Ewww that is gross. Why is it Indians from India and white people always seem to have some kind of mutation? My two associates has two attach toes with a little split around the nail area, but it still classified as 1 big toe, so basically they have 4 toes instead of 5.

    1. My aunt is Black and was born with 12 fingers.I have a cousin who was born with 11 toes .It’s not that uncommon.

  2. He is not the only guy with two dicks I saw a sex tape of a guy ten years ago.If this guy is only 24 it must be different guy.I think the other gay is straight.Also I don’t think the other guy’s dicks were the,same size.There are probably several guys like this in the country.

    1. There are women who have two vaginas too.I was watching a TV show and a lady said that her husband’s dick caught in one while he was trying to penetrate the other.She also gave birth to twins but they’re not like most twins because they were born in separate vaginas.You can’t see the two vaginas though.They’re located on the inside.

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