A Picture That Is Worth A Thousand Questions

pictureworthlooking at this pic,
one would assume it was three vixens,
a shapely one,
a youngin’,
a skinny chick.
well you WRONG!
tell em what is really going on, bob…
Bcx8dTDIIAAXKwIvclIdthat is wiz khalifa wearing amber’s leggings apparently.
i pray that picture is photoshopped.
i’m all for taking something like a female accessory for an outft,
but trying to swagg out leggings??
he is way too skinny to even try to pull that off.
well hell…
even if he was thick,
he couldn’t pull them off either.
complete fail all around.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “A Picture That Is Worth A Thousand Questions”

  1. What do you expect?Dudes, especially straight ones, like wearing women’s clothing now.Pretty soon they’ll start wearing bras and panties.You know how Black dudes are now, we don’t set trends anymore, we follow them.

  2. that isn’t cool at least not where im from..if you seen a grown ass man wearing leggings back in philly who said they were straight they would get clowned…if you’re not a woman or a gay man whose into stuff like that i don’t see how it’s appropriate for a straight man to wear that it looks SOOO WRONG lol and i love me some Wiz Khalifa with his skinny self but NOOOO stick to what you normally wear Wiz!!!!

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