Twist…. Then I Shout.

You know in a movie,
a really good movie,
you get this twist somewhere near the end that can knock your socks off.
Like in Sixth Sense when we found out Bruce was dead all along.

Well I got that same twist at my job with Mr Attitude and Mr Confused.
and I don’t know if I like it too much…

So Mr Attitude and Mr Confused are both still in limbo.
We speak but it is still nothing serious…
Well I took a “unpolite” approach and kept silent…. which forced them to have to speak to me.
Only because they were trying to play this attitude thing with me.
Acting like typical negros in power.

All in the game baby.

At one point,
I thought they both may have been fucking each other.

Onto the story….

There is this new guy at work.
We will call him Mr. Frat Boy.
He is typical shithead keg drunk, flash a titty lovin, baseball in his tidy whiteys playing white “straight” frat guy.

He is actually very attractive,
damn near gorgeous in white boy standards,
but I have no attraction to him whatsoever.
I like swirl in my coffee but it has to have a particular swagg and he doesn’t have it.

(although if he was to try and get some, I would not turn it down.
You know,
just to say I did.)

Anyway, I found out Mr. Confused was/is trying to get at him.
How do I know?
The secretary knows everyone’s secrets and on a chocolate wasted session of Snickers Wednesday,
she was telling me everything.
I was really trying to find out if he was gay or not and, well, I got my answer.
Mr. Confused wanted Mr. Frat Boy’s email address (thristy much).
What the hell was he going to email him with?

“Um, hi…”

Then now,
the one I would really give it too,
Mr. Attitude on this day today, just gave him a shirt.
He did it out of kindness.
Mr. Frat Boy is in love with all these perks and telling me how Mr. Attitude is a “great kid” and all this othr bs.

So, in this twist of fate, are these two bottoms I confused as TOPS?
Mr. Frat Boy would be a TOP … especially how he looks and acts.
But then, I have seen some dudes you think were tops spread eagle; stripper pole style.
All the out gays at my place of work want him inside them.
I heard every gay guy has tried to either hit on him or ask about him.
He “doesnt go that way” so he polite declines.

…but now I’m confused.

I couldn’t have been imagining those two giving me the googly eyes everytime I see each other.
Mr. Attitude stares at me to the death.
Mr. Confused plays hard to get….

…. but with Mr. Frat Boy, they are ready to jump out their drawers it seems.

Definitely a twist I didn’t expect.
Or maybe it is nothing but “good looking people” attraction
and I am still a contendor in America’s Next Top in the Foxxhole.

Whatcha think?

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Twist…. Then I Shout.”

    1. If I was to see that, I’d probably throw up. Mr. Frat Boy comes off way to masculine. It would be one of those things, if you saw it, you probably wouldn’t know how to handle it.

  1. Maybe some of his all natural vanilla tickles their fancy! Hell…the black men are into white women…why not hot white men for the black gays lol

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