Maybin, Davis, and Ho… Threeway?

I’d like to be the ho in that three way.
I look to my left: DAMN.
I look to my right: DOUBLE DAMN.

Nice ass Aaron.

“They flew a group of strippers from the DC area down to party with them,” the source told

“There were major parties going on in the house, with lots of vodka drinks flowing.”

The group spent the days and nights partying and rough housing, and one of the girls on the trip decided to challenge the guys to a sexy football game while inside the private villa.

“She teased them saying, ‘I want to be tackled,’” our source revealed, so Vernon and Aaron grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor.

Well I have no words but…. can I cum?

Well I have one quiestion…

Is that the same shirt?
Fuck the shirt,
look at Aaron’s guns.

Can I just say he use to be Daddy before Devin.
I wonder why we broke up…. hmmm….


Author: jamari fox

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