John Wall Isn’t Droppin’ Stacks On A Haircut Tho…

John Wall is really cute.
He has an upper body I require on most Wolves.
But he has an issue…
One minute I see him and I think, “OKAY HE CAN GET IT…
Like so:


But then other times,
I’m like “UUUUHHHHH”…
Like so…

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LaRon Is Ready To Strap Up

Looks like LaRon is happy about something.
Oh I know… could be the fact that the NFL has finally cum out of it’s lockout.

… Or maybe he found out that he could get it any which way in the Foxhole…
Either way, he is happy.

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Maybin, Davis, and Ho… Threeway?

I’d like to be the ho in that three way.
I look to my left: DAMN.
I look to my right: DOUBLE DAMN.

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