John Wall Isn’t Droppin’ Stacks On A Haircut Tho…

John Wall is really cute.
He has an upper body I require on most Wolves.
But he has an issue…
One minute I see him and I think, “OKAY HE CAN GET IT…
Like so:


But then other times,
I’m like “UUUUHHHHH”…
Like so…


He looks like he got finished changing oil and washing cars all day.
And THAT was for his birthday party!!
His crew obviously didn’t care unless they was poppin’ bottles and dry fuckin Vixens all night.
Try again John.

Here is John dropping 10 stacks on cherry bomb there.
That I won’t even get into…
The look of being on a lockout but dropping stacks like he got a raise.
I would have John groomed so well that he would be droppin stacks… in my checking account.

Ask about me J.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “John Wall Isn’t Droppin’ Stacks On A Haircut Tho…”

  1. i hope he wont be the next baller i hear yahoo talking bout broke. Just read a post on Chris Mcalister its pathetic millions blown.

  2. I’m from raleigh I know john u guys are idiots he has a 25million dollar contract with Reebok 5mil per year for 5years that’s play money for him…not to mention his 10mil. Contract from the wizards kiss ass he is good…for the hatred…Blake griffin got 800 thousand from Nike his rookie year lol

    1. ^^ smoove,
      I get that but Jamari wants to know when is he gonna get that haircut?!?! John can get it…. but this Wolfman thing is ridiculous.

      Let him know a Fox said he would take him to go get a nice fade and a crisp line up with that play money!

      He can treat me to dinner for my services.


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