Marsha Teaches Us Something

It’s so funny how this video made me forget I was in pain due to my tooth for 4 minutes.
This video is absolutely riveting.
I did not SEE that twist coming upon watching it.
In my own life, I have been there.
Maybe we all have been at one point.

Good message and something EVERYONE needs to watch.


A bitter sweet video.
Shows the joy of love and the brutal reality of life.

Fox approved Marsha!

Twist…. Then I Shout.

You know in a movie,
a really good movie,
you get this twist somewhere near the end that can knock your socks off.
Like in Sixth Sense when we found out Bruce was dead all along.

Well I got that same twist at my job with Mr Attitude and Mr Confused.
and I don’t know if I like it too much…

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