i’d love to pet this cute monkey’s owner

so you already know i love animals,
i can watch ( x “the dodo” channel ) all day and be in full tears.
a foxholer sent me a video of ^that cute monkey named “curtis”.
it’s from a youtube channel called “every wednesday“.
nowlook at the cute monkey’s owner

jonthan kennedy aka 4jay:

…and aside from looking like a human coloring book,
he’s fine af:

tatts be damned.
i feel like i’ve seen him before tho.
back in the “tumblr” days.

Wasn’t he the one who was getting a tatt on his fat tail?

it looks like him.

pictures and video cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “i’d love to pet this cute monkey’s owner

  1. I don’t really find this one that sexy. He’s cute looking. Looks like a beefed up Pharrell in a way.

    I think all those tats throw me off. I take that back. He doesn’t remind me of Pharrell. He reminds me of the light skin guy that used to date the pornstar Hotrod. That’s what those tats make me think of.

  2. I told you so think he guy filming is his boo. I know they could just be bros…. but they seem to take care of Curtis like he their kid.

  3. Very nice face, especially his eyes and lips. He looks like he could be Blasian. I also like that he treats his little animal buddy so well. In the videos he comes off as laid back and fun. One of the photos you posted makes it seem like he’s straight or at least bi (talking about eating out a woman). But he has too many tattoos for me. The ones on the head are kind of a turnoff. Once you start hitting the face and head I’m like, Nooo. Also, that monkey is adorable but is he going to take care of it once it’s grown? I knew one person who had a pet monkey years ago and remember that it bit people from time to time; shit everywhere unless it had on a diaper; went through the cupboards for food; and basically acted like a little human. So keeping a monkey is a lot of work. I just hope he’s ready for it or has a good rescue preserve in mind if it gets too tough.

    1. I totally agree, once you get tatted on your face and head the sex appeal is gone for me. You just look weird to me lol. He had potential tho.

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