marvin bienaime shoots “the juggernaut” (that’s what ima call him)

marvin bienaime has heard your recent requests.
easy on the ink“.
i don’t have an issue with tatts on a wolf.
others don’t really dig it.
marvin added another wolf to his nekkid roster.
everyone meet colin hobbs:

…or as i’m gonna call him,
the juggernaut“.
let’s meet him after marvin got done with him…

marvin posted all kinds of “bts” goodies on his ig:

and of course:

he has beautiful skin.
that baby oil really highlighted that.
note to self: buy that baby oil gel.

colin will be naked and featured in marvin’s “naked nine reloaded“.
release date unknown.
you know i’ll be ready for it tho.

picture cc: “Hold DEEZ”
Model: Colin Hobbs
Photographer: Marvin Bienaime
Location: @bienaimestudios

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “marvin bienaime shoots “the juggernaut” (that’s what ima call him)”

  1. The wolf with countless tatts is kinda overrated its all you see on every black IG or etc. Its nice to see a Man without any tatts. Tatts are nice but sometimes too many just doesnt look all that especially if they arent done well

  2. It looks like the video where he’s putting oil on is after Marvin finished doing his fluffer job…

  3. delicious, now I wish they would drizzle some icing all over that bouldering traps. Now that would be mouth watering display on my table next to my pound cake!

  4. Not bad looking. You can tell he has a nice “man’s ass”. Toned, muscled and enough to hold onto. That back looks like it’s on the stronger side too. Gimme me a lift!

  5. He’s well put together and a handsome brutha but TBH a bit baby-faced for my taste. Marvin Bienaime can pick them, though, and def knows how to make that brown skin gliisten. I still have not seen his adult naked (does that mean really fully frontal Twitter naked or just booty-OK IG/Tumblr naked?) photobook so I guess I’m going to have to break down and order them, unless…nah, I’ll do the right thing and pay. LOL

  6. That’s Colin Hobbs, 35 yrs old, from Atlanta. He’s been doing the modeling thing for a minute now.

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