i watched the trailer for the third season of “snowfall” and well…

i don’t know WHO told me to get into “snowfall” on “fx” but…

Thank you.

i’m addicted to this show.
i love me some franklin saint:

he was my drug king pin/daddy wolf.
i saw the trailer for “season 3” this morning and well…

last season was entirely lit.
it looks like they got rid of that mexican storyline too.
thank God.
that was getting kinda boring.

Who is the tall red wolf in some of those scenes?

“oh hey…”

i’m glad the show is continuing even without the late john singleton.
i hope they don’t mess up a good thing without him.
i don’t know how much input he had tho.
the third season of “snowfall” premieres on “fx” on july 10th.
what a great present during my birthday month.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “i watched the trailer for the third season of “snowfall” and well…

  1. Jamari, let me find out he got some nudes floating around somewhere and he gon’ have to see about me when I pull up. Lol. I wonder what color his peen is. It’s probably brown with a brown tip/head. I’m so glad I just graduated from college, so that I can keep myself too busy to not deal with any of the sexcapades I wanna go on so bad. I’m a mess.

  2. This is my show especially now its summer, along with FX other premiering shows with Michelle William. Goodbye Empire and let that ship sink to the bottom floor. Yeah, Im also curious about those Mexican girl and big dude, did he die?

  3. That’s Melvin Gregg, he got big on insta some years ago doing comedy skits, good to see he’s been able to break into acting

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