how to go viral and canceled in the same day (a lesson)

he was “the hero” for a second.
so everyone meet craig l. brooks jr aka @craignofridayy on twitter.
he had this racial situation that went viral:

shortly after this situation ended,
he had his own case of hatred re-open.
check what someone dug up from his old tweets

in which he was forced to release a statement on facebook:

why do folks get up on twitter and show their whole ass?
not even a slight cheek.
they drop their drawz and moon the whole general public.
these days,
you never know when you’ll go viral.
we have so much power in that device you’re reading this on.
we want folks to cheer us on and stand behind us when done wrong.
don’t get canceled because of past social media antics.

lowkey: has anyone erased their old promblematic tweets yet?

6 thoughts on “how to go viral and canceled in the same day (a lesson)

  1. I think cancel culture is the cancer of the internet. They are the perfect example of how vapid human culture can be… They are full of shit. Straight up.

    These same people dug up tweets about that light skinned “good-looking” Rican dude Brother Nature. He said some derogatory comments about Blacks years ago & they tried to drag him but he apologized, back to playing with animals & here we are having memes about his dick print. He’s forgiven. What a surprise. πŸ™„

    While I don’t agree with what the guy in your post said fully, he doesn’t owe anyone an apology.
    If they can forgive homophobic rappers and promote them like they are Jesus….what are 2 year old comments gonna do?

    What kills me is that cancel culture loves to dig up dirt on other people but I bet if you lifted up the curtains on most of them …it would be something they don’t want folks to see.

    These are legit bitter people that like to unsurface content on folks because they are likely jealous.

    I’ve never understood how folks allow themselves to get bullied by people online. I be saying what I want about who or whatever..I could care less about a Stan, Clan or Fan.

    Even so, this is a clear warning to steer clear of Internet fame. It’s surface value infatuation at best.

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  2. Well…. I see turn about is a fair game as Aunt Wendy would say and that’ll learn ya he was trying to have his moment but got shut down quickly and to be honest it wasn’t a requirement for him to record the exchange he had with the woman that wasn’t the time to highlight your so called “victim hood” he just wanted to have a amen moment so he can look like the virtuous negro but unfortunately every since the Jussie Smollett situation people who would have been sympathetic are now just not having it whether if it’s a real or imagined situation because now you have black people using victim hood as social currency to have a viral moment that’s truly problematic for me as a black person because our people fought too long and hard for it to just be reduced to just a cheap thrill and that’s what turns my stomach about this situation.

  3. This is why I mind my own damn business at times. I’m sure I have nothing in my social media to be ashamed of… but bitches be out for blood when you decided to go viral. Sis was acting brand new when he posted … never thought the same peeps the retweeded his video would light his ass up.

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