i’m too big

imagine to my surprise that…

I’m too big

well in all fairness,
we’re too big

my ex hosting company,
couldn’t handle my size any longer.
i kept wearing out their servers out so they dumpedme.
it took a day to find a new hosting company,
but it took over a week to get me migrated over.
during that time,
so much went down that i wanted to font about it.
shout out to all those foxholers who checked in on me.

Thank you

i finally got settled into our new neighborhood,
but during my day,
i got another email:

“You’re too damn big…”

i was pulling their resources and didn’t even post yet.


so i bumped up the memory for the time being.
we sha’ll see how this goes.
i guess it’s a compliment hearing the foxhole is a powerful force,
but i’d like a smoother blogging experience.
i missed the foxhole tho.
i hope all is well with you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “i’m too big”

  1. Have you considered a Patreon? Releasing exclusive Foxhole posts there first, to help support the cost of the servers?

  2. Welcome back. Tbh I’ve noticed how much this blog means to me while you’re gone. I literally check it everyday throughout the day. You are doing amazing sweetie.

  3. So glad everything’s ok! Lol like everyone else I was seriously checking this everyday wondering what was goin on!

  4. Jamari’s back! 🤗 I’ve been checking every day. I knew you would be back eventually. Thought you might have just been on a break from the internet for a little minute.

  5. Welcome back, Jamari, and please do let the Foxhole new and old know how we can help if finding the right hosting company costs you a bit more too.

  6. Jamari I love your page, and the growth over time. I can literally say everyday I check your site….. it’s ig, insidejamari, fb 🤣🙌🏾🙌🏾

  7. Can we get a go fund me going so we can send Kellen Winslow all the DVD sets of the Golden Girls. He’s gonna have a lot of time on his hands. Welcome Back.

  8. Yass bro, we have missed our kikis and tea sessions. Welcome back and leak us some dick to fondle over. Haha!

  9. everyone:

    thank you so much!!!!
    your comments were so warm and incredibly humbling.
    the energy in here was a think of beauty.
    thank you for all the love.
    you don’t know how much i appreciate you!

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