i’m too big

imagine to my surprise that…

I’m too big

well in all fairness,
we’re too big

my ex hosting company,
couldn’t handle my size any longer.
i kept wearing out their servers out so they dumpedme.
it took a day to find a new hosting company,
but it took over a week to get me migrated over.
during that time,
so much went down that i wanted to font about it.
shout out to all those foxholers who checked in on me.

Thank you

i finally got settled into our new neighborhood,
but during my day,
i got another email:

“You’re too damn big…”

i was pulling their resources and didn’t even post yet.


so i bumped up the memory for the time being.
we sha’ll see how this goes.
i guess it’s a compliment hearing the foxhole is a powerful force,
but i’d like a smoother blogging experience.
i missed the foxhole tho.
i hope all is well with you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “i’m too big”

  1. Glad you are back I was really missing the blog and your opinion on a lot of things.

  2. everyone:

    thank you so much!!!!
    your comments were so warm and incredibly humbling.
    the energy in here was a think of beauty.
    thank you for all the love.
    you don’t know how much i appreciate you!

  3. Yass bro, we have missed our kikis and tea sessions. Welcome back and leak us some dick to fondle over. Haha!

  4. Can we get a go fund me going so we can send Kellen Winslow all the DVD sets of the Golden Girls. He’s gonna have a lot of time on his hands. Welcome Back.

  5. Jamari I love your page, and the growth over time. I can literally say everyday I check your site….. it’s ig, insidejamari, fb 🤣🙌🏾🙌🏾

  6. Welcome back, Jamari, and please do let the Foxhole new and old know how we can help if finding the right hosting company costs you a bit more too.

  7. Glad you’re back, but did you post about this situation on your Twitter or Instagram accounts? None of us knew nuffin! Don’t make us worry again! 😠

    1. ^thank you and yeah!

      i posted everything on both of those accounts.
      i made stories about it on IG and many tweets of my frustration

  8. Jamari’s back! 🤗 I’ve been checking every day. I knew you would be back eventually. Thought you might have just been on a break from the internet for a little minute.

  9. So glad everything’s ok! Lol like everyone else I was seriously checking this everyday wondering what was goin on!

  10. Welcome back. Tbh I’ve noticed how much this blog means to me while you’re gone. I literally check it everyday throughout the day. You are doing amazing sweetie.

  11. Have you considered a Patreon? Releasing exclusive Foxhole posts there first, to help support the cost of the servers?

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