the right fit

i don’t have many big allies in this blogging forest,
but the ones i do have,
i cherish them tremendously.
last september,
i spoke to one of my blogging idols about trying to get in my career.
the conversation when like this:


i was absolutely grateful for them to answer my question.
you know many in higher positions don’t like helping others with advice.
i asked myself…

“How do I even get into a role like that?”

well the law of attraction came through…

when i was at that last temp position from hell,
i got another assignment from another agency i was with.
i got the email on a wednesday/thursday-ish.
from the looks of it,
it was perfect.
the duties looked intimidating,
but i don’t back down from a challenge.
the things we’re scared of are usually worth it.
the only issue was…

The temp job from hell was never gonna let me have time to go interview

they wouldn’t even let me take a day off.
in fear of losing that job,
i made the decision to let it go,
even though my heart felt otherwise.

The following Monday,
The job let me go

i was sure that position was filled.
i sent an email to the head huntresses about it,
but i asked to keep me posted on roles like that.

“They are still interviewing for that position.”

i threw my resume in the ring instantly.
a week later,
i went on the interview.
it lasted 2 hours.
i met with the vp of hr shortly after.
she hired me on the spot.
i’ve been there for close to a month…

It’s the perfect fit

it’s at a company that could potentially help me reach my career goals.
it’s still very early,
but i’m so happy to be there.
there is much more work,
but i can honestly font that i enjoy getting up and going there.
someone said yesterday:

“Whoever hired this person,
i want to thank them.”

the vp i interviewed with was there and said:

“You’re welcome.”

 i came in with all i learned over the years,
bringing “me” to the table,
and things i’ve done within the foxhole helped as well.
everyone speaks so highly about me there.
the celebs i’ve been working with have good things to say too.
one told the president of the company about me last week too.
i was blown tf away,
but i’m very humbled by it all.
i don’t fall victim to compliments tho.
i want to continue showing and proving my worth.
i use to feel so scared about putting myself out there,
but i feel so brave these days.
as you know,
i have been through hell and back when it comes to jobs and people.
i feel like i found the right fit.

lowkey: interesting adventures to come.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “the right fit”

  1. Lets Goooooo!!! thats so good to hear jamari. As far as taking you and your brand to the next level, you may have to come to the forefront so people can associate your face to your name. Its a toss up but can prove to be a lucrative one!

      1. Nah i completely understand. Im facing this same struggle on a much smaller scale. I stumbled onto your site when I was 15 and have been tuned in ever since.Im 24. You and your words have gotten me through so much and I know you will continue to rise. never forget that!

        1. ^aww gabe that means so much.
          15 and you’re 24 now.
          that is powerful,
          but i’m so grateful you have been with me so long.
          it’s testimonies like this that keep me going.

          thank you so much!
          i hope you are able to overcome your struggles as well.

  2. Felicitations mon Ami (Congrats my friend)!!! It’s was about time. I’m glad you kept quite about it, so you can make the big announcement!

  3. Yasss congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! *twerks* It’s such a good feeling when you doing what you want to do. We often feel ball and chained to jobs we hate cause we need money but the reality is we don’t need it. We just need hope and determination to do the things we love. You must also live fearlessly.

    Fear of being homeless or worse scare a lot of us but it shouldn’t if you ask some bums in NY living on the street ain’t that bad. Go into with that attitude and be able to adjust and the world is yours. Don’t be scared of that outcome, all you gotta do is jump through that window of opportunity. The ball has, is, and will always be in your court as long as your brain belongs to you there’s no chain on it.

  4. Congrats, Jamari, and it’s so good to hear something good–and right for you–came through! Stay on your path, because it’s the one you should be on. That’s what the cosmos is clearly telling you.

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