chris brown knows what good stlye looks like (and it ain’t victor cruz)

oh chris brown…
he never fails to disappoint.
so we all know exes like to creep.
this can be ex-lovers to ex-friends.
they will stalk your shit from the shadows.
karrueche posted this picture on 1/28:

the @ is to her character from “claws“,
but chris found himself in their comments and…

…posted this to his stories before he deleted it:


i’ve been following chris for a number of years.
anytime he has a project coming out,
like clockwork,
he’s weird flexin’ under rihanna or karrueche’s posts.
it never fails.

it’s weird for chris to even font about clothes.
he isn’t exactly a “style icon“.
has he seen victor dress?
( x see more of victor cruz style )
i don’t know when i last enjoyed any of chris outfits.
he dresses very “not much effort” these days.

Something from his “Black Pyramid” line

light work.
he looks like he’s either gonna go play ball or take a nap.

the “language” in the comments:

“no shade”

...did he,
or one of his gay friends,
font this?
“whoever” needs to learn to spell too.

What’s “stlye” and a “manikin“?

go back to sleep and wake up again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “chris brown knows what good stlye looks like (and it ain’t victor cruz)”

  1. About 7 years ago Chris B put out a video saying he can’t choose between rihanna and Kae. But little did he know only a few short years later that decision would be made for him! Both ladies have move on to presumably better men then him. Both ladies careers are thriving and his is in a satgnant place. SMH. I think theres a lesson to be learned from this situation annd that lesson is never ever think your irreplaceable. Stop thinking folks can’t do better than you because they always can.

  2. I feel very sorry for Chris. He needs help. Like professional help. He has unresolved childhood trauma from being molested by a woman when he was 8 years old and he’s emotionally stunted by it. Yeah, he may be 30 something but emotionally, he’s still 8 years old and the drug abuse, the problematic relationship history with women, the attention seeking stunts, all are red flags that there are underlying psychological trauma that needs to be addressed with Mr. Brown. Hope he deals with his trauma soon before he is destroyed by it from the inside out.

  3. THIS is why I can’t really ever get into Chris Brown.. Dude is a flat out weirdo. He will do asshole type shit and then cry victim about how the world treats him unfairly. He should be happy that he wasn’t blackballed from the industry 10 years ago and managed to have the successful career that he has now. My generation grew up on him (born mid 90s) but he has been on the decline over the past 5 years. It seems he like wants Karrueche to forever be in debt to him because in his eyes he gave her the career that she has right now (which he kinda did), however she doesn’t owe him a dime. Especially after the bullshit he put her through. Grow up Christopher.

    Oh and btw, Drake WASHED Chris in his own song that was released the other day. Nice song, but Drake clearly was the highlight of that entire song.

  4. Given how often Chris Brown runs around looking like just threw on whatever was in the nearest clothes pile these posts suggest he was projecting his insecurities on Victor Cruz. (Who had his own hanky-headish moment around Colin Kaepernick but I forgive him.) Meanwhile Karrueche’s career is the upswing and the last person she’s thinking about is Chris. He really should move on. His claws were showing but not glowing.

  5. Chris Brown has always been a creepy little weirdo. Nothing new to sew here. His language speaks for itself. How YOU doin? 💅

  6. Yup, coming for the man’s clothes was really strange and kinda gay!

    P.S. Glad to see you are back on a new platform Jamari! When your site went down I went into withdrawal!

  7. chris is crazy af and i think it really bothers him that she is really done/over him. probably punching the air somewhere.

    AND he has a whole ass gf! chris go sit down.

    1. she was the perfect beard, any DL man would be lucky to have her but instead a real man loves her and that’s what’s really eating at him. she’s getting the love she deserves and not the one that pays.

    2. Kam….you hit the nail on the head. She’s not acting like she’s lost without him, and it bothers him.
      She’s in a happy, STABLE relationship and perhaps he’s not…still. She had his back through thick and thin, even though he treated her like shyt. She stood behind him when he did his time, and what did he do once he got out…treated he like crap. She had enough and found a man that valued her and treated her right (even though he might be hittin some ass on the side).

      He’s bitter..and he comes across that way. Dude not takin his meds? Let it go Chris. She’s happy now. LOL

      1. He acts like he owns her because she gained notoriety via the love triangle between her, Chris and Rihanna. Like dude fuck off lol, he is such a creep. She should block him at this point. I’m not the type to tell folks what to do with their relationships but I’m just not here for weirdos like Chris infiltrating other happy relationships because he somehow feels like this girl owes him for life.

      1. ^thanks jimmy!
        it is definitely a better ride.

        hostgator wouldn’t even give me the money i paid them for another year of their terrible service back.
        i paid them 300 dollars a few months ago for bs.

        1. That’s a shame, if you keep happy customers they’ll tell 50 other ppl about how good your business is, if a customer is left unsatisfied they’ll tell 500 ppl who tell 500 more ppl not to do business with you. They won’t give you your money back blast them.

      1. His behaviors from the moment he hit Rih have always been a bit suspect but I’m not even gonna go into depth cause they gonna swear gays love assuming straight men are gay so I digress.

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