Keyshia Cole Isn’t Bowing Down To No Beyonce

well beyonce’s new track “bow down” isn’t getting off to a good start.
the majority doesn’t like it and it left it open for criticism.
one coming form:


uh oh…

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 2.58.35 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 2.58.13 PM

they already started to jump on her:

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 2.58.49 PM

one thing about keyshia,
unlike keri,
is she doesn’t bow down to no one.
she isn’t going to cry and beg for people to stop.
she will stand in front of the firing squard with no problems.
even though it is kinda “ghetto chick”,
you gotta respect that.

lowkey: i actually appreciate someone who isn’t kissing beyonce’s ass.
she already has too many “yes” people around her.
it’s almost refreshing to see someone speak their mind.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Isn’t Bowing Down To No Beyonce”

  1. I have to agree. I respect that she doesn’t back down with her opinions. I like the new song but it’s shouldn’t have been a buzz single..more like a b side or deluxe track extra…thank god it’s not her first single but you know it will get people to talk about her regardless so…

    1. ^i wish keri hilson would have been more bolder and say,
      “yeah i said it… and??”
      keyshia cole dont give a fuck and people will respect that because she is being her real hood chick self.

        1. ^she is on her grind.
          she is a song writer,
          she had two good albums,
          and she is coming out with a third.
          i prefer her music to beyonce in all honesty.

          there is room in this game for everyone to eat.
          i don’t get it.

    2. There is room but there is a reason why Keri and Keyshia are still shufflin to a strugglin’ beat. Beyonce work her ass off to get to where she is. She ain’t no different than they are.

      I wish them both the best in what they do. Keri is a killer songwriter hence where her money is at.

      Keyshia has no filter and that’s why people don’t care for her and her brand.

      I wish people would put their money where they’re mouth is and actually BUY the albums and tickets.

      You are nothing with out your fans and their money..

    1. Because that’s what women do ESPECIALLY women of color. It’s hard for black woman to be supportive of each other because they are programmed to be that way.

      They will hold a grudge for life over the dumbest shit..

      1. I really hate when people say ignorant shit like this.

        It has nothing to do with color and when you say shit like that, you perpetuate the negative stereotype that’s associated with black women that prevents them from being taken seriously as good women, good friends, good wives, good businesswomen, and the like.

        For every “hating ass black woman” you point out, there are just as many Michelle Obama’s, Oprah’s, and Queen Latifah’s.

        Stop it.

  2. I respect Keyshia for her opinion, but there just some things you shouldn’t saw in public. It’s even more sad that she feels obligated to respond to the people attacking her. She’s too grown for that. All she had to do was put out one tweet to all the haters, and let it go. Her responding to all these people (who don’t know her or probably even care about her) just makes her seem childish and “ghetto”.

  3. Actually there isn’t room for everyone. That’s the problem. Sure Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson are “around”, but they haven’t made an impact big enough to cement them in the music business. I can already see their “Unsung” episodes.

    The only women of color making an impact in music and doing things on a grand scale are Rihanna and Beyonce period. Hate it or love it.

    People are taking the song way too literal. Seems like she’s just saying this is her element and respect her hustle.

      1. Anything could be Rihanna’s style because she’s changed it for every single album. She’s a trendy artist. Her people are immaculate. Someone is doing a lot of work to keep her current and getting paid tons.

      2. I agree. I don’t like that Beyonce feels like she has to keep up or be hood. There are plenty of older woman who continue to outshine the “younger” girls in their era like Diana, Whitney, and hell even Mary. Everyone though Mariah was gonna take over in the 90’s but Whitney dropped the Bodyguard and Reigned on everyone. My point is she doesn’t have to do this. Be Legendary and not Basic

      1. @Flyfox Mariah did take over in the 90’s tho. She is the greatest selling artist of the 90s. Buy the end of the 90s Whitney was struggling to keep her album Top 10 on the Billboard 200

  4. @Luckey: I’m not into Madonna, but I had to listen to a lot of her songs in a History of Rock and Roll class.

    I feel like she was more genuine with her artistry than Rihanna. I don’t think she was changing her style to be current, so much as she had layers. You don’t stay relevant as long as she has without being a real artist.

    We see how involved Madonna and Beyonce are in every aspect of their shows. I just don’t see Rihanna taking that much creative control. She shows up in whatever hair color/ hairstyle she’s rocking for the moment and sings.

    She’s supposed to have a documentary coming out so maybe she’ll prove me wrong.

    1. Rihanna might be the least important aspect of a Rihanna record. She’s been lucky enough to have some phenomenal songs written for her.

      1. This is all I’m saying.

        Name one song by Rihanna some other artist couldn’t sing better. Look at the covers other artists have done for “We Found Love” and “Diamonds”. Jessie J kills the acoustic version of We Found Love.

    2. I feel like people don’t give Rihanna enough credit.

      For one, she has writing credits on nearly all her albums. Which may not mean she’s crafting the song entirely herself, but that someone in her camp is smart enough to get her name placed on the list of songwriters. That’s exactly what Beyonce has been doing for years.

      I think people shortchange Rihanna when they dumb her down into simply a product. Who’s to say that she’s not responsible for crafting her image or developing her sound? No one knows for a fact that she doesn’t.

      All they see is a well oiled machine that’s popping out hits.

      Wouldn’t it be something if the person responsible for that was Rihanna herself?

      1. for about 30 years, they’ve been telling singers to steal credit by changing one word (or buying the publishing rights outright) to cement their “artistry”. The ones that are real songwriters write for other artists on occasion too.

        Rihanna is in the middle of a heluva run, but she deserves no more credit than she’s already received.

      2. That’s true and I’m not saying that’s not the case.

        What I’m saying is that Rihanna has writing credits and no one has ever said she doesn’t deserve them or didn’t contribute.

        Love her or hate her, but this idea that she’s just a puppet only comes from those outside the industry who don’t believe she could be capable of creating the career that she has.

        And if her career WAS created for her, she would really be no different than Beyonce (whose fans seem to harbor the most hate for Rihanna for whatever reason). Beyonce’s entire career was crafted by her father.

  5. She was ahead of the curve though Jamari. Who in the heck was there for Madonna to copy? She was going completely left field from what other female artists were doing at the time. There’s a reason I had to read a whole freakin chapter about her in a textbook.

    Rihanna just takes elements from other lesser known contemporaries and just combines them.

    1. Well this discussion was cute but now I gotta get back to work. Gotta file a police report. Bloggers trying to shut me down and I ain’t having it. I been too nice for too long..not having it this year!

      Go B’! Go Rihanna! Go Madonna! Get your life…fuck the critics!

      1. So you are going to change your image because people tried to shut you down? Do you even know who you are? I get this feeling you don’t. Is that even you in your icon picture? So many questions………..

      1. Definitely. Paula Abdul went in in her prime as well. Most people forget that. Janet took a lot of what she had and expanded on it.

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