O-Cakes Wants You Face Down; Ass Up

would you call him daddy, foxhole?…

let’s hope he has a big snake in those jeans too.
although we have cum to appreciate this:


so o-cakes has a new video.
it’s called “paradise“.
he likes it chopped n screwed

i like it.
o cakes looked good in it.
working out is doing him right.

a$ap rocky has started a little movement again.
i know.
i know.
it’s a texas thing.
you can get that song and more o-cakes on his new album,
love and other drugs.
release date: unknown.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “O-Cakes Wants You Face Down; Ass Up”

  1. steroids make it shrivel , but he dosent use it … the cakes are well used. the only man Brian Pumper has tapped.

      1. You want location, date and after which sporting event 2 years ago it went down or how many people watched or how much they both were paid.

  2. I love Omarion man. He gets my dick from flaccid to a full erection in two seconds. I’m thinking of all the dirty and nasty shit I’d do to him and that ass. He would never walk right again. I’ll have him like the women in the life alert commercials “I have fallen and I cannot get up”

    Well anyway, his ass looks no different to me. Working out will only making more plump, remember he’s building muscle, not dieting. The ass will remain, at least I hope so. That thing is a monster.

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