so check it.
keyshia cole wants attention.

she has become a straight up bully.
she was sitting on her couch tonight and realized she needed to address michelle….
is this going to be a weekly thing keyshia?????

has she gone crazy?
i think she has.
the beyonce stans are about to take her into the fields and flog her.
i can’t watch.

watch them take turns in her ass

someone save her!
they about to kill whatever little career she has left!


  1. I don’t think she realizes how she’s hurting her career. No one wants to be associated with anyone who is a constant and unrelenting hater.

    Not to mention, people like Michelle. More than liking Michelle, they love Beyonce. Acts that fuck with Michelle ain’t gonna wanna fuck with Keyshia. The industry is like high school. She might want to get it together.

  2. Damn she is a HATER for real, you can not come for another artist with this hood street stuff unless you are a hood rapper and then nobody cares, but trying to be hard against someone who is seen as humble and nice is foolish. I like Michelle, she has been nothing but a class act in my eyes, and does not bother no one, though I couldnt tell you much about her music, I have actually been checking her out a little more because of all this foolishness with Keyshia and she is much better live vocalist than Keyshia would ever hope to be. I am glad they are paying her like the dust she is with this contrived controversy. This attention whore needs to stop, I have seen her live and she is absolutely horrible, albeit it was when she first came out, so hopefully she has gotten better. Keyshia, Michelle thanks to her connection to the biggest Pop star on the planet has met Kings, Queens,Presidents and World Leaders and is known all over the world. While you are known at Waffle Houses, Swap Meets, Bonner Bro Hair Shows, and Jet Magazine at the beauty shop. So if she is lame, she has still done more than you will ever in your R&B career. Its sad that your mother did drugs while she was carrying you and it shows in your dysfunctional personality.

  3. She reminds me of those queens who have nothing going on and hate on those who do.

    She is a certified hater and it’s sad because I like her music. that attitude is HORRIBLE.

    She has been like that for a LONG time now…is she mad or something?

    I get that the stans are annoying but log the fuck off and move on. Hell learn how to keep your personal comments to yourself and NOT on social media. Who is her PR?

    Her team is failing her..

    All the money and the fame in the world won’t change the fact that she is still that sad ghetto girl from Oakland..

    Say goodbye to what little career you had. Now go have a seat next to Keri are a little ashy anyway…

  4. Dang…and I used to like Keyshia… “A Different Me” is still my album though!!!
    Let me say this too, TWITTER is career suicide if not managed properly…

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