someone give diddy a hug for me

some people don’t realize what it’s like to lose a loved one.
imagine losing two parents?
when holidays or special occasions come around,
you can really feel their absence.
i’ve spent the last couple days on the couch,
crying randomly over this upcoming “mother’s day”.
some years it’s i’m good”; other years can be tough.
this is a tough year.
so diddy is still grieving the loss of kim porter,
who died last year of pneumonia.
on the “yes girl!” podcast from “essence”,
diddy broke down while speaking about his first mother’s day without kim…

that was really sad.
everyone is talking about how he allegedly treated her when she was alive.
as humans,
we often don’t realize what we have until they’re gone.
it isn’t until someone has left our lives,
either through death or just not fuckin with us anymore,
that we feel the loudness of the silence.
that could be diddy at the moment.
he could be grieving over the fact he thought she’d be around forever.
now he has to deal with his grief and his kids.
this should teach us all not to take those for granted in our lives.
karma could be you living in regret over someone you should have done right.
i feel for the kids and him.
i hope they are covered in enough love and light to overcome.

you can listen to the entire podcast here:

video cc: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “someone give diddy a hug for me”

  1. My prayers are with you Sean.. and You heart will heal.. Kim has only transformed to the next phase( I know for a fact)

      1. We are spiritual Beings and this “Physical world” is a part of our journey. Some of us know this, some of us feel this, some don’t believe it. I believe it based on my personal experiences. It transcends , Religion Cultures and Time. ( All Man concepts)

        All cultures speak of ” Ancestors”, “Heaven” , the “Afterlife” for very , very valid reasons. Dreams happen for a reason. [ I don’t go into detail because its not my right to alter anyone’s Faith ] My one exception is what people call ” Death”. I want to provide them with comfort ;Hence Diddy’s pain ( Who knows Jamari , he may read your post) . I do and consider myself sane , intelligent yet human with flaws.

  2. Diddy left Kim pregnant for JLo, got back with her, had twins, and left her again for Cassie. He treated her like his bottom bitch and now that she’s gone, his grief is profound. He has to look at those beautiful twins and know that he never made a whole family with their mother. This is in no way to shame him but he just made really poor and selfish decisions regarding Kim and now that her life is over, he’s dealing with a considerable measure of regret.

  3. I am hot and cold as it relates to DIDDY but Ive got to give him credit where its due. He, unlike most successful black men, married a black woman and that says a me at least. So many of these athletes especially, marry white women, whitening their race, an age old trick used by white people to accomplish their evil deeds.

    So for Diddy shedding his tears for Kim is admirable at best but eye opening at worst. He is a womanizer and he got tired of Kim’s pussy and went looking for other pussy AND ass AND dick but I respect him for sticking to black women……..and MEN…..DWRCL……….., oops, I almost forgot……..(allegedly)…You Go Diddy….wink, wink

    1. Yeah Kim died of pneumonia, and Crazy Days and Nights been hinting he got the package. ALLEGEDLY .

    2. Diddy has never been married. He cheated on Kim, hence having children who are the same age by different mothers. He is just a more charming version of the rapper, Future.

  4. I think he is feeling guilty due to the fact he did not appreciate her while he was in a relationship with, her which is the case for a lot of men, but in this case the person happened to die. People better learn to not take others they love for granted.

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