My Vagina Allows Me To Does What I Wants

tumblr_mudg1xm8Rb1rn892lo1_r1_400now before i write this,
i have to add a quick disclaimer.
i love females.
i am on this earth and writing this entry because of a woman.
okay so now that is out the way,
because the “pussy power pantyliner party” would have a fit.
so something made me feel funny while watching #rhoa today.
i always hear females screaming this and i have never agreed with it.
so remember the part on the episode

…when nene had a problem with how peter came at her?
how he was pointing out how she was acting like a disrespectful bitch?
yeah that part.
he left the charity event early because of how she was stinkin’ up the joint.
so in typical moose fashion,
she was all up in his face in the parking lot.
“why is he getting involved with women business?”
wtf does that have to do with all the tea in china?
she made the event uncomfortable and he was calling her out because of it.
she acting like because she has a vagina,
she is untouchable by men (and in some cases women).
after that part,
why is it that females think that as a man,
you can’t argue with em?

“why you arguing with a female for???
only gay niggas argue with females!!!
you a bitch or something???
like is that your only comeback?

they want to get all in ya face,
scream and shout,
and think that is okay.
god forbid you have to verbally assassinate that ass.
they will call their brothers,
and cousin pookie because they were a dumb ass.tumblr_mywtu1GNYu1ql5yr7o1_500listen i’m here to tell you that i’m an equal opportunity asshole.
it doesn’t matter if you are a male or female,
unicorn or jolly green giant,
if you wrong then you WRONGSSSSSS.
if you disrespect me,
i don’t give a fuck if you have a vagina or not.
i won’t put my hands on any female EVER,
because that’s when it becomes out of line,
but i will hurt your damn feelings.
i always try to be a gentleman at all times,
but sometimes these ratchet uncouth hoes out here…
so i had to ask…

Is it wrong for men to argue with females?

10 thoughts on “My Vagina Allows Me To Does What I Wants

  1. The problem comes from the likelihood of actually putting your hands on her. In my experience, men who argue, in public, in Georgia, with women who attract drama, lack the impulse control to stay just short of the line. Or, at any rate, what they can prove to a Georgia judge was short of the line, once their ratchet instigator audience has evaporated like the wind. Smart men avoid that situation and the women who thrive in it. She could get her feelings or her jaw hurt. He could fuck his whole life up for the sake of having the last word.

  2. Hell no it’s not wrong for men to argue with women. This ain’t the 1950’s.
    So we should keep our mouths shut and let a woman get buck, fly off at the mouth, call us everything but a child of God, and whatever else they can think of because they are women?
    LOL!!! Social constructs and patriarchy got y’all fucked up, homie.
    That issue is attached to so many other issues that I don’t feel like getting into it.

    1. It’s not just about social constructs. It is simple risk/ reward calculation. Have a PUBLIC argument with a woman. Let her accuse you of having struck her. It will cost you six months and $30,000 to prove that you didn’t. I leave that shit to brothas who ain’t got shit to lose and who have a favorite Georgia public defender. They rest of us need to walk away if we have a little to lose and RUN if we have a lot. Don’t put your life at the mercy of a Georgia judge, of any ethnicity, or at the mercy of a jury of HER peers just to make a point.

  3. I’ve been noticing that every man that argues with woman on a reality show is called gay for doing so.They actually start questioning the man’s sexuality because he argued with a woman.I’ve seen it said many times and I don’t know why this is all of sudden a thing now.Men have always argued with women, even going back thousands of years in Africa.I’ve even seen some women actually say that they permanently think the man is on the down-low because “he argued with a woman, what straight man argues with a woman or gets involved in women’s business.”

    I told y’all.There looking for anything to try and identify us gays, even if it’s something as small as cussing a woman out.It’s weird, watching Soul Train from the 70’s, 90% of the men looked flaming yet no one said anything, now though, if a man blinks twice within a five second span then he’s gay.

  4. Coming from a woman, a real woman should be able to stand toe-to-toe with anyone, male or female. I hate when people hide behind what society says makes them “inferior”, like the woman example or when people pull the race card. It’s ridiculous that woman run around saying how we’re equal to men but always want to pull the card when challenged by a man. If you want to be treated equal, you have to act equal.

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