My Vagina Allows Me To Does What I Wants

tumblr_mudg1xm8Rb1rn892lo1_r1_400now before i write this,
i have to add a quick disclaimer.
i love females.
i am on this earth and writing this entry because of a woman.
okay so now that is out the way,
because the “pussy power pantyliner party” would have a fit.
so something made me feel funny while watching #rhoa today.
i always hear females screaming this and i have never agreed with it.
so remember the part on the episode

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Going Down

tumblr_mzhsk3qkEq1rj1ango6_500so i was ear hustlin’ on the elevator on the way to post office today.
these two hoodrat females were on there talkin crazy loud.
well they were in the middle of a conversation about #rhoa and “the brawl”.
they were specifically talkin about brandon and kenya.
this is what they said…
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