Uterus and Anus Connection

Females and bottoms have alot on common.

…besides taking some good deep dick.

Even though bottoms can’t give birth or have a clit,

our emotions are pretty much the same when it comes to dudes and tops.
Those muthafuckas know how to play with our daggone heads, don’t they?

I use to think females had it easier.
They can walk down the street and practically get any nigga they want.
They do not have to live a silly cat and mouse game like us.
It is pretty straight forward.

“She has a pussy, fat ass, and some googa mooga thighs … let me holla.”

like a bottom,
they also deal with the games and the lies.
They get the number,
they talk a few times,
he beats it a few times,
and then off to the next warm pussy to stick that dick in.
It is hardly ever a “love at fist sight” connection.
Usually it is a “lust and first fuck” mentality that tops and straight dudes go by.

… and if you can suck the dick sloppy, he may keep you around for a while longer.

especially discreet and down lo bottoms,
do not have such luxury.
It is a pain in the ass trying to find out if that nigga staring your complexion off  is trying to get at you.
Goes a little something like….

“Damn, he look good as shit. Them lips look right. I do not know how to get at him tho. Ima try this staring shit and see if he responds.”

If you are lucky to get that DL kat’s number,
he will text you for… you know.
You meet him at the spot or he comes to yours (or outside for ya’ll nasty bomb freaks lol)
He gets some bomb top and then uses your ass as a cum dumpster.
He likes the tightness so he keep you around for sex.
Or maybe not…

But one thing rules the same: they fuck you and maybe/maybe not call you back.

You may look at that female with the gorgeous ass dude with crazy swagg
and think she is lucky.
Chick is probably fucking him stupid and he is coming back for more.
Alot of the time thoughj,
the grass is definitely not greener on the other side.
I hear the stories from females and I shake my head in disgust (while secretly listening to the dick report).

Worse come to worse,
they end up barefoot and pregnant,
stuck with a nigga they cannot easily detach from.

Not to mention he met her looking like ———–>

but after dealing with his shit,
the stress and lies causes her let herself go and fall off HEAVY.

Females and bottoms tend to be ruled by emotions.
We are one in the same even though we are men.
We can get caught the fuck dealing with the wrong nigga so….  we go searching desperately for a good man.
Going to sleep alone with no one to just lay next to you.
And if you do have someone to lay next to you,
he is probably beating down 20 others on the side.

Then 9 times out of 10,
these niggas aren’t really worth shit anyway.
Alot of them are cheap as hell (Yeah, I said it.)
The  come up is fucking with the white meat … so I heard.

You are trying to fuck our brains out but can’t even buy a nigga/bitch dinner (although real talk: that has NEVER happened with me and any dude I dated)…

{ Well………………………….!
There was this one cheap ass trick that was trying to get it in with me.
Cute, had body, and had paper. Jamari approved.
Anyway, he gon’ talk about he wants me and blah blah blah. Straight trying to gas a nigga head up on some extra. I told him that I wanted to go to the movies. He said aight cool. He was talking relationship and all that jazz. You know how it goes.

The day of the movie, this nigga is going to text me and say:

“So you paying for your movie right?”

He still waiting on the reply. }

… but trying to stay up in the crib.
I can understand with us why they would opt to chill at the spot
but they also do it with females too so its a no win situation.

to all my bottoms out there who are single and searching,
Jamari knows how you feel – trust me I do.
Keep on pounding those negro pavements.

To all my females rollin dolo,
I feel you to mami.
Keep your head up and keep apply to the nigga dating line.

It is hard in these streets to find a good nigga … well, 1 you are ACTUALLY attracted too.

^^— Like him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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