views from the top

Sex with DL males is hot and dirty just how we like it.

i don’t think it’s wrong to font that.
i think that is their appeal tbh.
you would be a fool to think one is gonna be prince wolf.
a majority of the time,
it’s just filthy sex to pass the time.
as foxes,
we always font about our experiences with dl wolves.
how they desire our sex but once the mask is back on,
they hardly know us.

“i know you got a mushroom head with a mole on your penis tho.”

We never font about the wolves who mess with DL foxes

a wolf-holer sent me a dm about an entry i wrote.
he ended up sharing with me his experiences with dl foxes

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“5 Things Every Fox Should Know” by A Wolf

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.43.00 PMeveryone meet “theesupaman”.
wolf extraordinaire.
so one of my email favs sent me a video from him titled,
“5 things wolves want foxes to know”.
so i decided to watch it and of course,
i had my trusty britney gif armed and ready because i knew the antics were coming.
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f0xmail: In or Out? Are The Bottoms The Only Ones Coming Out?


Hello Jamari,

It has been a long time since I last emailed you. I have been so busy that I do not get that much time to read your blog as much as I would like. I noticed that you are now in FL for what may be a new chapter in your life. I hope that everything works out for you.
I was wondering if you would be interested in posting this “situation” to see how the foxhole reacts.  Here goes…
I really don’t care for how society defines “bottoms” and “tops,” but for the sake of the conversation, I will use the terms. 
Relationship aside, do you think that a masculine man is more susceptible to coming out if he is a bottom as opposed to one who is a top?  


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foxmail: Why Do These Wolves Want To Tear Our Asses Up And Throw Us To The Side? Huh? Why?


Now of recent i have started to see the mortality of my cakes it not always gonna be super tight. So my cake has value and i am treating it as such. I meet a guy at school after the usual flirt flirt retarded game he approached me to come over to his place. I was as always blunt and ask wtf for, “now the negro was fine”, he would tell me he wanna fuck me i did a mental double take “huh what did he just say”. I started to laugh was like he tripping but then he said it again. well my laugh ended and i politely informed him i dont move like that he asked why i was up front and i let him know he did not have the decency to invite me to a movie and dinner he then reply he did not know i like bitch treatment huh a movie and meal makes me a bitch really thought they call those dates. I was like cake not for free he then say oh so i really a gold digger. really jamari me a gold digger cause i aspire to be more that a warm whole for you to punch holes in. So my question is why is these wolfs think that our cakes could be used, abused and thrown away at their whim?


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Let The Riot Begin

Come here real quick.

Check Daddy out here:

What if you met someone looking like that. You just had to get it. He flirting with you and you are imagining tasting the meat as ya’ll speak….

…. but then he says.

“I wish I wasn’t a bottom. I’d definitely give it to you.”

*record skips*

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What Makes U… A Top?

So you are a top huh?
You know the number of top to bottom is like 10 to 1.
You are wanted in this lifestyle like a fat woman needs a glazed donut.
And if you look good then dammit you are on “MUST FUCK” lists.
You are the most requested on various hook up sites.
You have alot of power….

But what really makes you a top?
Do you even know?
Or are you confused until you get a taste of some dick?

This blog goes out to my tops and wannabes.
My ass fuckers and confused brothas.
This ones for you.
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