Let The Riot Begin

Come here real quick.

Check Daddy out here:

What if you met someone looking like that. You just had to get it. He flirting with you and you are imagining tasting the meat as ya’ll speak….

…. but then he says.

“I wish I wasn’t a bottom. I’d definitely give it to you.”

*record skips*

^—- thats not YOU tho.

So, couple nights ago, I was on the phone with a friend and we were talking about athletes. My favorite subject right? Anyway, he is in the industry and he knows a few things about what goes down and who gets down.

Well I mentioned a baller that I have talked about in blog’s past and he says…

“Oh he definitely gets down.”
“Aww shucks.”
“He gets all the WAY down though.”
“Wait, what?”
“Yeah, he is a bottom.”

I nearly hung the fuck up.

Here it is, this gorgeous man that looks like he can weight lift you with his dick alone, and he is there taking dick.

Isn’t that the Gotcha Gotcha?

And it doesn’t just limit itself to athletes. I have had this happen in my real life and I KNOW you have too. So much so, I have had bottoms try to come at me like I am slanging my dick….

….and that would be a negative.

I’m not saying bottoms have to be ugly or unfit. No. I’m just saying can we get more tops that look like this:

…. and not in some fantasy picture on BGC?

I’m not saying he has to be muscular and ultra masculine. That would be nice tho. I mean a nigga with style, swagg, and shit together?

Don’t even front like some of these tops be straight looking like dust bunnies. I know I am talking to a bottom who is tired of meeting a dust bunny. I think thats why bottoms want the “straight boy swagg” because they have that appeal.

Plus they are tired of meeting the swaggless.

They have that “thing” that makes you weak. Its not made up. It is natural. I met one dude like that and I am waiting to get my shit rocked like that again.


Who is tired of inviting a nigga to ya house and he looks unwashed, shoes dirty, and face ashy?
Who is tired of meeting a dude on a meet up and he is broke as a joke?
Who is tired of talking to a dude online and he looks one way but in reality, he weighs 300 pounds of unwashed ass?

Why should we bottoms have to deal with the left overs that even women wouldn’t want? Why can’t we meet dudes that got it going on? Straight FIONE gay or bi dudes who are TOPS and put it DOWN? Tops who have their shit together? Tops who are trying to do better?

I thought gay dudes were suppose to have style and all that? Go down to Harlem or Brooklyn and you will see more straight dudes with that “homo swagg” as they call it.

I’d like to meet dudes like how I use too. I use to meet FINE ass dudes. Now it seems like they have vanished. Dudes these days meet me and try to lock me down, while I’m looking for the escape hatch. I want to meet a top and already trying to figure out how I’m gonna back flip, front flip, side squat, and bend over backwards on his mind and dick (I’m human, sue me!)

and then make sure I lock that down for the future.

Are my bottoms with me?

I thought so.

But you know what? Ima say something that might speak to someone reading somewhere.
You know I don’t give a shit.

If more bottoms would stop ALLOWING niggas to fuck with them out of desperation, making it extra easy to get the ass RAW, and all that messy shit that should be on a talk show…


We all probably wouldn’t have this problem.
Now we have a bunch of LAZY ASS NIGGA
S getting it easy.

Messy hoes have made it hard in 2010 to find a good man.

Tops expect us to be a certain “way” but we let them get away with murder.
So, let the change begin.
I don’t care how you do it but as you read my blog,
you’ll get an idea.

Did I speak to someone’s spirit?
Yup. I think a Fox did.

Later Foxes

8 thoughts on “Let The Riot Begin

  1. Hey
    You said ‘Tops expect us to be a certain “way”…’
    What ”Way” is this?
    Would love for you to explain this babe cos i’m confused.xx

    1. Hey Ty.

      Seems like most TOPS expect us to be super hero masculine, muscular and ripped, have super fat bubbular asses, wet sloppy head giving dick hoes, down low and undetectable or whatever fantasy they want us to be.

      Yet, most bottoms just want the dick and the feeling of being wanted.

      How bout I get a nice looking, educated, style saavy, muscular, masculine top with good dick and no STDS or AIDS?

  2. UUUUUHHHHHH Story of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look at str8 women like, do u know how NICE you have it when it comes to the choice of men?? I dont ever want to hear a woman complain about SHYT! I’ve been preaching this stuff for years. STOP. GIVING. IT. UP. EASY!! It does nothing but make it harder for yourself and not to mention the rest of us who are tryin to snag a good one. I just wrote a blog about some not so cute one who came at me on the train. He was about as dusty as the blades of a project ceiling fan. Its like… who goes for that type of thing? There will be more quality once more of us start demanding it TOGETHER.

    You know i am with you 100%.

    Where are the homos with the str8 boy swagg who are looking to settle down at? Is this nothing more than a fantasy?

  3. I swear Fellas…better learn….neve give anyone NBA/NFL playing time without red shirting or putting a dude on practice squad first…..it will get you everytime….no matter how fine…..

    Practice time shit – can u lick a nipple well, caress real nice or grab a and pull close with just the right amount of pressure and force…..If these things are failures….everything else will be too….TRUST

    Got to know how to tease the body inorder to know how to please it…

  4. If you open this up to dusty ass dudes in GENERAL, then this is the Gospel. I SWEAR if another sorry ass dude approaches me in public, I’m hitting him dead in the mouth. That’s my New Year’s resolution.
    Last week, I was walking home from somewhere in the middle of the evening, and this dude literally yells “AY”, so I hear him over my music. He spits the WEAKEST game (Do I know you from somewhere? What high school did you go to? etc etc. weak shit), but I give him my number based on the fact that he was fine AND he obviously had body. We ended up chilling at his crib, which happened to be the local trap house *SMH*, and even that didn’t deter me, because I just KNEW that I was going to get some mind-blowing something from him. #fail. He couldn’t suck, OR take it like he said he could. I kinda wanted to tell him to step his cookies up as I was leaving. Next fine dude with body that lacks game gets treated accordingly.

  5. LOL! you r a charatcher.

    –> that is so true through though…I mean personally, if a anutha bttm tryna hit dis n he is total package then thats fine by me…BUT HELL TO THE NO AIN NO FAGGOT MUTHAFUCKA JUMPIN UP IN OLIVIA!

    *sigh…soon J i feel we’re gonna have to start dating butches! lol.

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