the 7 deadly sins of pop (2010 to 2022)

2010 was an “eh” year.
i didn’t know what direction i was taking the foxhole.
star fox was still making paw prints on earth.
i was out in these forests doing things within the fashion industry.
music had also eh but drake released his debut album.
i was obsessed with kanye’s “my beautiful dark twisted fantasy”.
i was looking through an old file for pictures of star fox and i saw this

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Remember Him?

I remember those arms quite well….

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I Want More…

How I would have liked him to….

*bites lip*

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Let The Riot Begin

Come here real quick.

Check Daddy out here:

What if you met someone looking like that. You just had to get it. He flirting with you and you are imagining tasting the meat as ya’ll speak….

…. but then he says.

“I wish I wasn’t a bottom. I’d definitely give it to you.”

*record skips*

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Missed me?

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Yup. I said it.

this holiday season is so depressing for whatever reason.
people have lost their jobs left and right.
the spirit has left alot of people feeling bitter.
no one seems to be in the Christmas spirit and quite frankly,
i do not blame anyone for scrooging it up.

i dunno about anyone else
but i am ready for ’09 to leave us behind and start ’10…. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

i do not know what ’10 has in store for us….
but i hope it brings a more positive year and more possibilities.

i hope you guys are having a better christmas than i.