Missed me?

I missed you too.

Well, this holiday season I ventured outside The Concrete Forest lines.
It made me appreciate the forest alot more than I usually do.
You learn to listen to those voices when you are alone.
That… and I had no wireless and the people I were around
were treating me like a trophy.

When you leave this forest,
your sense of style is admired by one and all.
It seemed every dude I saw looked bamarific.
I only saw a few cuties…. but they were employees of Target and the local super market.

I’m like an expensive car Foxes.
You better save up your little allowance to ride this.

Sitting at my families crib for that week,
I realized that in ’10,
Jamari Fox is going to be on everyone’s tongue and finger tips.
I am making quite a little name for myself already.
Not bad for a Fox who started in June of last year.

I have peeled away the past
and I am liking this new fur coat I am rockin’.
I feel like being unapologetic this year.
Jumping head first into things than before.
Maybe I will ultimately land that baller I speak so much about.
Maybe I will take over the world.
Maybe…. aaah, who knows.
I’ll make a schedule later.

All I know is that I am taking you along for the ride.
And I hope you extend a hand to join me.

Welcome to 2010.
My 2010.

3 thoughts on “Back.

  1. FUKK YOU J! No one is into you and your story!…

    LMAO >>> okay that was harsh…but where you been man? I was like checking between the TWO blogs like 20 times in ONE day for the past couple days looking for an UPDATE dude! and that ain cool…

    but yea…I feel you on the 2010 thing…I mean all my life I’ve been worried about toooo many people’s feelings and I’m sayin to the world GO FUK yasef…and I’m walking with a double headed sword for any1 who steps in my way…

    (OKAY this is really getting long now) hats off to you bruh in 2010 and I wish you all the best…and you betta not take that long to update again…GEESH! go to a web shop or summtin lol…or imma cum up dere and tap dat ass -_-

  2. The fine ones always have the wackest jobs like L\local security, back stock, cashier. lol. But it makes going to buy milk an adventure!

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