Downtown; Friday Night


Damn was standing at 6’1 and a slim 175 pounds.
Damn was also beige complected with chinky eyes and nice thick eyebrows.
Damn had on a brown and tan plaid shirt, some loose fitting jeans, and Tims.
Damn had on no coat but some car keys in his hands.
(Jetta, maybe)
Damn also had me brick first time I saw him.
Damn was DAMN fine too.

Damn. Damn. Damn!

The Mini-sode of Damn

I had just gotten back into The Concrete Forest
when Tall wanted to go into the city to window shop.
Chase had to go run and errand in his neck of the woods, but would meet us down there later.

I got dressed in a all black/hint of red show stopper and was out the door.
Since The Concrete Forest can be a runaway on the sidewalks,
you always have to be prepared.

Tall met me at Macys.
In waiting for Chase to arrive,
we walked through the men’s department
on the second floor and made it to the Sean John section.

Seriously, why is Diddy even trying with this?
Sean John hasn’t been hot since 2002.

As we inched out of the section…
that is when I spotted him first.

He was coming up the escalator and all I could say was “Damn…
I saw the back of his head and knew he would be fine.
I have that gift.
He looked back at me,
looked at Tall, and then did a double take at Tall and myself.
When he got off the escalator, he walked towards Tall and gave him a dap hug.

If it wasn’t obvious that my eyes had popped out of their sockets….

“Tall knows this fine ass nigga?” I said to myself, eye fucking the hell out of Damn.

I don’t know what the hell they were talking about,
all I know is that he was eyeing me as he spoke to Tall.
I made sure to keep in eye contact with him as they spoke.

When they finished up their conversation,
he came over to me and shook my hand and introduced himself.

“Oh this is my boy, Jamari” Tall said.
“Whattup. Nice to meet you.” He replied, as his hazel eyes stared into mine.
“Nice to meet you too.”

…and then he walked off.

“We fucked.” Tall whispered in my ear.


I nearly fell backward into a mannequin’s arms.
How did Tall forget to tell me about that having that fine piece of meat inside him already????????????????????

“Just kidding,” Tall joked, “he use to work at my job.”
“Does he get down?” I asked, catching my breath.
“Not that I know of.”

Maybe not to you,
but the way he was staring at me as he spoke to him…
he wanted to speak to me one on one.

… and ever since then,
I have been thinking about him.
Dreaming about him.
Fuck fantasies about him.
I think I have no more kids left in me.

I hate those kind of encounters where everything is left unanswered.

I have faith we will meet again.

But in the meantime….


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Downtown; Friday Night”

  1. okay MS. FLAWDA EVANS!

    but I concur…those DAMN-kinda boyz have you in a frenzy and you wouldn’t believe you will see him! This 2010 baby! and everything you want J…you gne get..jus wait and see


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