Good Fox Going Wolf

I do not know if you are like me.
But the road to success is never easy.
The journey up until this point was pretty daggone hard.

It seems like for us bright show stopper Foxes,
we have to work ten times harder to get what we want.

Do you ever see….

… other people getting things literally handed to them?

They are able to get that job, those clothes, or get that successful man.
The things that don’t seem to come easy for you.
You got to bust ya ass to get them.
Sure you worked hard for them,
but having a little help would be nice.

I mean, look at you.
Step outside yourself for a minute.

You aren’t ugly.
Your personality is 5 star.
Bills paid or on time.
You can dress ya ass off and people always have good reports about you.
They say you have a beautiful spirit because the road before was tough, but you made it unscathed.

what’s all the hub bub, bub?

Why is it that the lazy worthless low class gutter butt wolves get all the luck?

I always notice the bad guy comes first.
The whore becomes the housewife.
And the crook gets away in the end.

Do you have to be these things to live a happy life?
A prosperous life?

Do I need to be the ferocious house queen
with the obvious “Talk To Much” sign above my head
to get a man, like Devin Thomas or Braylon Edwards, to want me?
To have me stashed away in a nice town house apartment,
bills and rent paid.

to be approached on the street…
Get the number and live happily ever after?
Or for the time being,
because I know I can walk out the door and some dude will try to get at me.

It seems that way.

are they just bold?
Take risks?
They see the prize and go after what they want?
They love you with their mind, not their hearts.
Leaving all emotions at the door.
They have a “Fuck It” attitude and just do not care as much.
Money first; anything else comes second.
It’s their world and you are just a squirrel trying to get a nut… or three.

Is that how the game works?
Do we have to be “The Wolf”,
instead of “The Fox”?

do you remain being “The Fox”
but think like “A Wolf”
to get everything and anything you want?

Speak to me.

11 thoughts on “Good Fox Going Wolf

  1. Damn J. You jus brushed the prostate! (LOL – okay i’m too fresh)

    But i mean Boy!…it’s tough out there..I be thinkin the same things all the time…is their a sign on my forehead that says “successful so back the fuck off”…I have friends who can barely read, no career or future goals, gold-diggin mothafuckers who get THE men that I want…and here I am..wondering whats goin on…

    but like you said it has it’s up’s and down’s…because looking from the outside in it may seem perfect or surreal but when they confide you find that the “perfect” man isnt perfect afterall (not rocket science actually)…

    anyways…it’s 2010 baby! Jan. 25th will make me officially one year of being single and loving me MORE! and it feels great…shoot the rate diseases go around..I’m happy to know that my “backup generator” wouldn’t cheat on me LOL!

    1. Lifestyle = the way you live day to day.

      Do you want a man who you can go out with? A man that you only see when the doors are closed? Do you want a athlete and that lifestyle? A D/L top and that lifestyle?

      Basically, a love that will fit the man you are looking for. If you cannot handle only seeing a man behind closed doors – then that will not be the top for you.

  2. It all has it’s up and downsides. On one side of the coin, you worked hard to get what you want, but you are alone. The other, you got the man of your dreams, but he isn’t faithful. And, you can be with a man, a fine ass one, and still be alone.

    It is all a big ass game but one that you shouldn’t give up on. He is out there and the situation will mend itself to your lifestyle. Just keep the faith and remain positive.

    I need to write about running in the right circles soon.

  3. Its so nice to know there is someone else out there struggling with the same thing. I spend long moments just thinking about all other things that could be going on with me. There are moments when its like.. would i be willing to give up financial security, a cute degree, my closet full of clothes… to get the love and affection Devin Thomas’ of the world? At least because it SEEMS like that’s what it takes from the outside looking in… on all the cunts who have it.

    The answer is pretty obvious… at first… but upon further consideration… hm…

      1. I guess its like… is the love and affection of a man we are attracted to worth MORE than.. all those other things we strived to attain? Lol i guess in laments terms.. would it be worth it to live paycheck to paycheck (lol if we aren’t doing it already), not have a nice degree or cute town home, or even knowing if you’ll be able to feed urself… if its lived along side with the Braylon Edwards of the world?

      2. And… guess upon thinking about it… Maybe it would be. Even if that home is a run-down studio apartment on a not so cute street. To come home everyday to the man of your dreams might make up for all the other things u may not have.

  4. i swear u must have been reading my mind cuz i was thinking this exact same thing! like why are some people upper class and some people middle class? like why did i grow up the way i grew up? what did i do right or wrong? love u jamari!!!! keep blogging that realness boo!

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