Remember Him?

I remember those arms quite well….

My baby Nelly has come back on the scene.


…with many ads for Apple Bottoms.

(Do my female Foxes even WEAR Apple Bottoms anymore?)

Well, I am (kinda) excited.
Nelly kind of lost his swagg imo. I use to think he would be the next LL Cool J, but something went wrong and his career hit a nose dive.

Would I still fuck him? Of course.

Who wouldn’t?

I remember masturbating to these quite frequently last year:

Nelly needs to drop an album and a music video,
preferably shirtless and rap sing some love song,
to win our hearts again.

Do we not like Nelly
for his inspiring, life changing, earth shifting rap lyrics.

No Foxes,
we like Nelly for this bulging body parts.

So he needs to get in the gym and mind fuck us into buying his record.







Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Remember Him?”

  1. That was my original “country” husband. I imagined him barefoot in a wife beater holding up his pants because he doesn’t wear a belt. Using the word “dirty” as a main stay in his vernacular. I don’t care what music he puts out as long as he’s shirtless and FINE!

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