WOLF MEAT: (436)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2fnnu3ui6g4kks8okkk848ko0_640you ever saw an animal walking in the forest and said to yourself:

“Could i open my damn camera fast enough!?!”

well one lucky forest dweller got the following wolf meat in ispy and…
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What Its Like To Be A Vixen Walking On The Street

tumblr_na7uu5pvwL1r55j58o2_250ive asked a few vixens how they feel when wolves holla at them on the street.

“i hate it.”
“its annoying.”
“i don’t stop for these pineapples.”
“what do i look like stopping for a pineapple in a car? a prostitute?”

i often wondered if i was a vixen,
would i like the attention?
in my head,
if the wolf was fine,
i mos def would stop and get his number.
most of the times,
as vixens put it,
the fine wolves don’t ask them for their numbers on the street.
well the following youtube video is a about a vixen,
with a fat ass,
walking the streets of new yawk for 10 hours.
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I Saw The Cutest Thing While Taking A Walk Today…

esanderimposterso this afternoon i went for a walk around the block.
hoody not included.
florida we know how ya’ll do here.
i was in chill mode so it was a wife beater,
slight sag,
and basketball shorts.
im a swimmer’s build fox,
but if the two fat russians sun bathing next door could wear no clothes during their roast…
then hell!
as i was turning the corner,
i saw this business suited wolf coming out his crib.
he was tall,
and looked like a top for my bottom.
triple threat in my book.
from the side profile and build,
it dead ass looked like nfl baller wolf ( x emmanuel sanders ).
well excuse me…

Megan-Fox-GIF-47wolf was getting a black cts-v coupe with 22′ black rims.
major orgasm just by the car.
he was talkin’ on the phone and lounging in his car for minute.
i purposely walked by slowly,
ya know,
catching the breeze and shit.
whoever it is,
im trying to find out if i can ride that stick until its time for me to leave.
i’ll def be trying to find out more on this one.
i didn’t think any black wolves lived in this area.
i guessed wrong!!!

…oh and i saw these baby turtles swimming together in the pond around the corner.

i know!
real cute.

Is It Me… Or Has Rafael Leonidas Gotten Fat?

look i’m use to him looking like this here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M52y53OIJmc]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHJIUfwJ8fE]

that is what i’m use too.
one of my faithful f-bi sent me in his newer shot and well…

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This Cameraman Gets Into Rafael Leonidas’ Butt Cheeks….

speaking of rafeal…..

why didn’t anyone tell me that bootie candy got rafeal’s butt cheeks in motion?

i am extremely late………

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