Is It Me… Or Has Rafael Leonidas Gotten Fat?

look i’m use to him looking like this here:


that is what i’m use too.
one of my faithful f-bi sent me in his newer shot and well…

i feel like i’m seeing a ghost.

well not fat,
but if he stops working out….
it maybe a problem.
why does rafael look like a fat italian wolf?
he looks like he should own a used car lot or be a character in grand theft auto.

his tail has gotten fat as hell….
….and so has everything else.
95% of spanish wolves don’t get blessed with big peens…
so i can only imagine what working out has done.

25 thoughts on “Is It Me… Or Has Rafael Leonidas Gotten Fat?

  1. Raphael is Big Thick Juicy Incredible!!!!! before & after. I’d suck that bootee til I pass out!! 4sho..

  2. It’s a little hard to maintain a body when it’s in top shape.

    But getting out of shape and getting back in shape, for someone who’s used to doing it, isn’t hard.

    I’ve gone months without working out without any real change to my body. Once I get back to it, my body goes right back to being cut.

    Anybody looking to settle down with him should consider the way his body carries weight though. When I get big, my weight settles in my ass and my thighs. He’s not gonna work out at the level he is currently forever. So anybody looking to be with him needs to accept him at his fattest.

  3. This dude body just looks big in clothes, but probably looks really good out of those clothes, I see this all the time in the gym. He is trying to get that big he may be trying to compete now, alot of dudes who work out like to be big and never stop trying to get bigger especially those who try to compete in contest, maybe its a str8 thing since women seem to like bigger dudes like this, unlike alot of gay dudes who like more thin cut dudes. As someone who now is a gym junkie, I have gotten thicker and more muscular, and I find women are really extra now every where I go-cant have this same luck with dudes:-)

  4. The face has fatten somewhat, but his overall look is appealing to me. He has got to be careful and continue to w/o and reduce his protein intake.

  5. Pshhh he still bad as fuck. I like thicker dudes in general though.

    People who workout like him can make their bodies do whatever they want. He may want to be a little bigger now, but he could probably drop weight with no problem.

    His body still puts the average dude to shame because he has it all. Arms, chest, legs, thighs, ass…

  6. Omg his face looks so different lmao like he hasn’t been getting any sleep. I’m glad you said “not fat” I was about to be like how is he fat with abs ripping through his shirt?! His face is a little chubby though. but still cute.

  7. He’s definitely developed some chipmunk cheeks. As for his body below the neck, he’s starting to look like those bodybuilders who trained/took steroids throughout their 20’s trying to be a model/actor, but their dreams never came true. Now they’re becoming discouraged as they approach their 30s, and aren’t working out 5-6 times a week. All Rafa needs to do is lose maybe 15-20 pounds, and workout like a normal person, maybe 3-4 times a week to maintain his sexy status.

    Hopefully he loses weight in his face cheeks, and not his cake cheeks, cause he is a Wolf Meat M.V.P.

    And get a haircut. That jheri curl mullet is not doing it for me. But that dick print is.

  8. I’ve never big a big fan of his face, but his body though…

    He looks like he has put on weight. But that a$$ can be a mural while I “paint” all over it.

      1. What is, Man? I’m not talking about any R.Kelly-esque “painting” if that was what you were thinking.

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