Who Wants To See The New Elmo Accuser With No Shirt On?

my wolves will love this.
you know on those late nights when you are on a chat line….
need someone to fuck…
and this hits you up with the same idea as yours.
you fuck him.
he drains your pipe just right.
so you find yourself fucking him regularly.
you catch feelings.
he does too.
some shit goes wrong.
your ass is all over hood and tmz.
now you are the victim.

well meet cecil!

here is a booty shot

and since some of my d/l wolves still want a vixen,
he has it covered

cecil has got YOU covered!
here is some quick info on him:

As seen above, Singleton’s Facebook and MySpace pages are filled with provocative photos (click to enlarge) of Clash’s accuser, who lives in Harlem and describes himself imself as a “complex and different individual” who prides himself on being “subversive and original.” Several photos show him frolicking on the beach.

On his Facebook page, Singleton writes that, “I think one of the most important things in this life is to have a positive impact on the people around you and to have ambition to be the kind of person you can be proud of.”

Last May, Singleton uploaded the above photo showing himself mooning the camera while in a New York City subway car (he had dropped his jeans to reveal underwear imprinted with the word “Gorgeous”).  In an accompanying caption, Singleton wrote that while his mother has accused him of being an “exhibitionist,” he was “raised to see my body as beautiful. So as an adult, I perceived it as exactly that.” Adding that he appreciates “every curve and sex appeal,” Singleton declared, “So if I decide to take erotic pictures, or flash my ‘poonanie’, it is my prerogative & there isn’t a damn thing wrong with it.”

Singleton’s MySpace profile describes him as gay and lists his heroes as “Catwoman Xena Buffy Angelina Jolie.” (5 pages)


here is some video of the press conference:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r49LRXeo6rc]

fuck jamari fox and all the other foxes who don’t run with this kind of drama.
fuck with this person and he is a guaranteed come up!

18 thoughts on “Who Wants To See The New Elmo Accuser With No Shirt On?

  1. im starting to see a trend…..alot of guys are liking really girly guys lately. messy ones at that

  2. A HOT MESS!!! He needs to take some classes from some other Female Impersonator or D. Queen on creating a better illusion of a female. Don’t make people think make them wonder.

  3. Hey Jamari, the report says he lives in Harlem. Didn’t you say that’s your neck of the woods? Who knows, he might be the wolf you’re looking for 🙂

    1. Oh my! lol Elmo got taste for pretty boys…im assuming he’s a wolf? I gotta say elmo looks like a big bottom so where do these boys fit in

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