The Jackal Gets His Full 360 Close Up

ready to see his 360 interview?
get comfortable foxes/wolves/and hybrids.
11 minutes of questions answered…



why did they give him a photo shoot?
he is at a point where his career is… successful?
what has he done?
he has his own marketing and pr business?
funny, i see more “rap sheet” then “success story” on google.
i feel like kevin was chasing this “fine person you may never find”.
the jackal saw “dollar signs because dude was elmo and making bank”.
“the studies show that girls and men want a father figure….” did he google this?
why does the jackal look like he wants the interviewer beat him down afterwards?

he answered a lot and in detail but…

something about him i’m not convinced.
seems like he trying to play perfect.
it seemed like he was down for this relationship,
so why all this drama?
i’m not buying his story just yet.


lowkey: vaughn.
this is a better part interview.
i hated that “favorite color, song, and animal” bullshit.
he has not been casted in a new twilight movie.
teen vixens won’t be touching themselves to his poster as a vampire.

10 thoughts on “The Jackal Gets His Full 360 Close Up

  1. I think things were just fine until the 2nd jackal came on & sued Clash for 5 mill; they say that documentary & wanted to shake his azz down. I’m thinking it was blackmail – because he wasn’t out until all this.

    Cuz in this interview, he says he was 18 & nothing is salacious; so…what happened?

  2. Would it be wrong for me to say I think he’s pretty and I’d fuck his guts out and sure he’s not walking for days? He has a fucked up rep sure but Im beginning to have a thing for feminine/effeminate pretty boys, they’re close to women and seem to know how to handle their man…

  3. I ain’t watching that shit. I saw the previews and knew it was a bunch of the shit. Did you see the press conference with the other Jackal? (Watch the two of them ‘link’ up and gang up on Elmo!)

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