I Saw The Cutest Thing While Taking A Walk Today…

esanderimposterso this afternoon i went for a walk around the block.
hoody not included.
florida we know how ya’ll do here.
i was in chill mode so it was a wife beater,
slight sag,
and basketball shorts.
im a swimmer’s build fox,
but if the two fat russians sun bathing next door could wear no clothes during their roast…
then hell!
as i was turning the corner,
i saw this business suited wolf coming out his crib.
he was tall,
and looked like a top for my bottom.
triple threat in my book.
from the side profile and build,
it dead ass looked like nfl baller wolf ( x emmanuel sanders ).
well excuse me…

Megan-Fox-GIF-47wolf was getting a black cts-v coupe with 22′ black rims.
major orgasm just by the car.
he was talkin’ on the phone and lounging in his car for minute.
i purposely walked by slowly,
ya know,
catching the breeze and shit.
whoever it is,
im trying to find out if i can ride that stick until its time for me to leave.
i’ll def be trying to find out more on this one.
i didn’t think any black wolves lived in this area.
i guessed wrong!!!

…oh and i saw these baby turtles swimming together in the pond around the corner.

i know!
real cute.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “I Saw The Cutest Thing While Taking A Walk Today…”

  1. I was turned on by your description. Damn lol.

    Shit, if he looked like Emmanuel I would have made up some excuse to talk to him. I would have tapped on his window and told him I liked his car. Now you could have bent over and pretended that you were fixing your shoes. You would do this while being parallel to the front of his car by the headlights so he would easily notice you while looking forward. That would have got him off that phone. “Let me call you back.” LMAO…

    I love Emmanuel tho. His smile alone makes me melt man.

  2. You better dress sexy if you bump into him again because black men in a suit has very high standards. But then again you already know that because you sometime wear suits and have high standards.

  3. Its time you put your NYC charm to work. “Hey man whats up, can you tell me where everybody hangs out, what are the hot spots etc”open that door to just at least feel him out and see what he is about. If he is in a suit in Florida he probably is not from there anyway lol especially if the suit is not orange, green or yellow. And pray Jesus a snow vixen is not in the picture 🙂

    1. ^to be honest,
      a lot of the attractive black wolves I’ve seen are with snow bunnies.
      the hood rats are with the sistas with purple and pink hair.
      the ones i looked at in my various travels….
      snow bunnies with the chirren to match.

      im also LMAO at pink and neon color suits

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