I Saw The Cutest Thing While Taking A Walk Today…

esanderimposterso this afternoon i went for a walk around the block.
hoody not included.
florida we know how ya’ll do here.
i was in chill mode so it was a wife beater,
slight sag,
and basketball shorts.
im a swimmer’s build fox,
but if the two fat russians sun bathing next door could wear no clothes during their roast…
then hell!
as i was turning the corner,
i saw this business suited wolf coming out his crib.
he was tall,
and looked like a top for my bottom.
triple threat in my book.
from the side profile and build,
it dead ass looked like nfl baller wolf ( x emmanuel sanders ).
well excuse me…

Megan-Fox-GIF-47wolf was getting a black cts-v coupe with 22′ black rims.
major orgasm just by the car.
he was talkin’ on the phone and lounging in his car for minute.
i purposely walked by slowly,
ya know,
catching the breeze and shit.
whoever it is,
im trying to find out if i can ride that stick until its time for me to leave.
i’ll def be trying to find out more on this one.
i didn’t think any black wolves lived in this area.
i guessed wrong!!!

…oh and i saw these baby turtles swimming together in the pond around the corner.

i know!
real cute.